Why is the Sky Really Blue?

At noontime, most of the light reaching our eyes appears blue due to gases in our atmosphere scattering it more widely than violet and red hues do. Reason being, air molecules are smaller than the wavelengths of sunlight and shorter wavelengths scatter more strongly compared to longer ones – known as Rayleigh scattering effect. The …

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Lunar Rosado

If you have one or more moles that appear suspiciously large on the face, speak to a dermatologist immediately about establishing an effective surveillance program. Melanoma could develop in such moles if their borders, surface area or color changes significantly over time. Lunar rose resonates spiritually, providing spiritual connections between souls incarnated on this physical …

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Why is the Sky Blue?

People commonly associate blue with feelings of openness, stability and order – no wonder it has become so popular for corporate logos and apparel! When sunlight strikes the atmosphere, its wavelengths disperse in all directions – more efficiently for shorter wavelengths such as violet and blue which gives the sky its distinctive hue. The Sun …

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Why the Sky is Blue

Have you ever noticed the gorgeous sky this week and wondered why its hue is blue? Well, it all boils down to some science involving physics and chemistry. Sunlight passing through Earth’s atmosphere is scattered by airborne particles and molecules, particularly gas molecules. Shorter wavelengths of light scatter more easily than longer ones, hence making …

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Why is the Moon a Red Moon?

On Tuesday morning, astronomy enthusiasts from Asia, Australia and North America witnessed the Moon slowly become darker until its full eclipse became visible; otherwise known as a blood moon. This event would mark the last total lunar eclipse until 2025. An appearance of a blood moon occurs when direct sunlight is blocked and its light …

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Why is the Sky Always Blue?

Answer: Oxygen and nitrogen molecules in the atmosphere scatter sunlight incoming, with blue wavelengths being scattered more often than red ones resulting in the sky appearing bluer than usual. But this explanation doesn’t explain why the sky doesn’t turn violet at sunset or why Martian skies have an earth-tone hue; that is because sunlight must …

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