Mercury XS Vs Mercury XS Bundle

Mercury XS is designed for tournament anglers looking for speed. With its proprietary components and tuning, you’ll feel its powerful presence immediately.

Its large washing volume and 7000ml water tank make this device ideal for washing larger 3D printed models quickly and safely, while the sealed tank ensures thorough and safe cleaning. In addition, a handheld UV lamp helps cure even the tight spaces on your print.


The ELEGOO Mercury X Bundle is an outstanding washing and curing solution for MSLA or LCD resin 3D printers, offering easy operation that allows simultaneous printing, curing, washing and curing processes – saving both time and effort! Plus it features a large water tank to ensure models are properly washed clean while its transparent cover blocks 99.9% UV rays for safe post-processing of models.

ELEGOO Mercury X Bundle features washing and curing stations operated with one simple rotary knob that functions as a display, making its sleek design easy to operate and control. The washing station holds 7000ml, is sealed, and sealed to thoroughly clean 3D printed models before its rotary knob allows you to set its time for washing and curing, streamlining post-printing workflow.

Post-curing system features 2 adjustable L-shaped light bars and four additional LED lights under the turntable, combined with Fresnel lenses, emitting 405nm wavelength light that enhances print quality. Uitharding process is quick and efficient thanks to 360-degree rotating platform; transparent plastic cover protects eyesight during UV light blocking process while yellow “shade” prevents eye damage.

The ELEGOO Mercury X Bundle features a large water tank and washing volume, making it easier than ever before to tackle large prints with smaller machines. Furthermore, its compatibility with most similar build volume 3D printers on the market ensures simple post-print cleaning in an efficient and professional manner. Furthermore, its sleek design and intuitive operation makes it a wonderful addition to any 3D printing setup and business – saving hours of laborious cleaning duties while saving valuable resources for more productive pursuits!


Mercury outboards are engineered for performance and built to last with components carefully assembled for years of trouble-free use. No matter if you’re an angler competing in tournaments or just enjoying fishing for fun, these powerful outboards will get you there faster and farther than ever before – providing added peace of mind that your Mercury has been tested to withstand years of use without issue.

The Mercury X Cure post-printing machine makes cleaning and curing resin prints simpler than ever. Its intuitive design is user friendly and compatible with most MSLA printers; with its large washing volume you can clean multiple prints at the same time to save time.

It features two towers of lights, with each light being capable of emitting an intense amount of UV light. While most prints should not experience issues from this UV lighting source, plastic surfaces may find it too intense and you should limit its use to smaller prints for best results. Furthermore, this machine may pose risks to your eyes if misused; so always wear gloves and a mask when operating it!

This dual function machine includes both a washing station and UV curing station to optimize print processing workflow. Its washing station efficiently removes uncured resin to produce superior final results; with its large washing volume and 7000ml sealed water tank it’s great for cleaning larger models.

The machine features a double-connected adapter that enables you to simultaneously perform curing and washing processes, saving both time and preventing prints from becoming warped or distorting. This is an excellent option for anyone seeking to cut back their printing costs.

This curing machine is easy to set up and comes with both a manual and USB cable for use. Featuring a clear platform which rotates during curing process and UV lighting from two towers of lights, this curing machine works great on most 3D printers but especially well suited for the ELEGOO Mars 3 and Saturn series resin printers.


The Mercury XS Bundle is an innovative combination of two devices that enables you to both wash and cure resin 3D prints simultaneously, compatible with most LCD, DLP, and SLA 3D printers. It comes equipped with a large washing tank capable of holding 7000ml of water that is sealed to protect models during washing/curing processes, plus one convenient knob which also serves as display – making this device both easy to use and convenient.

This engine is ideal for people who wish to create unforgettable boating memories while taking advantage of its reliability, performance and fuel efficiency. Equipped with advanced digital gauges and SmartCraft technologies such as VesselView technology for viewing engine stats and digital controls on compatible displays from Lowrance(r), Simrad(r) and Garmin(r).

At the press of a button, Active Trim optimizes your boat’s trim levels by automatically adapting to turns, hole shots and water conditions. Troll Control adjusts trolling speeds in 10-rpm increments – both features available on Pro XS engines up to 150hp in horsepower.

The Pro XS engine utilizes exclusive components and tuning to boost power and speed, making it the ideal solution for compact bass rigs, flats skiffs and multi-species boats. Its lightweight engineering and high displacement provide a competitive edge in speed and torque delivery.

The Command Thrust (CT) gearcase of this engine has been specially tailored to provide greater acceleration and maneuverability, while its OptiMax(r) ProXS(r) propeller was specifically created for greater top speeds at wide open throttle, helping you achieve greater top speeds as well as enhanced handling at wide-open throttle. Both its 115hp and 150hp gearcases come with either conventional tillers or Big Tillers with integrated Troll Control speed controls, and an Idling Charge Battery-Management system which increases idle rpm to boost alternator output and recharge your batteries – helping prevent long trips from running out of battery power during lengthy excursions.


Mercury X Bundle Washing and Curing Machine is specifically designed to efficiently wash and cure 3D printed objects utilizing light sensitive resin (MSLA/LCD resin printers). It is compatible with ELEGOO Saturn 3 or Mars 3, as well as most similar build volume LCD/DLP/SLA 3D printers available on the market, providing users with an efficient way of washing and curing their prints post-print. This device should become a must for MSLA users seeking an efficient method to wash and cure their prints post-print.

This machine is user-friendly with just one knob to operate it – simply press and hold to power on, rotate to set your time for washing and curing, and protect your eyesight with its UV cover that blocks 99.9% of UV rays during curing process.

Its sleek design makes this machine ideal for both residential and commercial use, eliminating the need for multiple machines by simultaneously washing and curing – saving both time and money! Equipped with an ideal double-connected adapter that enables simultaneous process execution makes this an excellent option for busy users.

The wash tank provides a thorough clean for models, essential to avoiding warping and shrinkage. Furthermore, its clear platform can rotate during curing to ensure an even surface. This feature is particularly important when curing small models where even one uncured resin particle could compromise print quality.

No matter your speed preference – tournament angler or powerboater alike – the Mercury 115 Pro XS delivers performance you can feel. Its exclusive components and tuning amplify acceleration, giving it a powerful competitive edge over rival engines. Furthermore, this engine’s light-weight design and high rpm range provide significant competitive advantages over their competition, while providing a quieter and smoother ride which is essential when spending time on the water with family and friends. Furthermore, its fuel-efficiency puts it ahead of its rivals; further making this an excellent option when dealing with smaller boats or tight budgets.

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