Astrology – Mercury at 0 Degrees of a Sign

Astrologers frequently consider the final degrees of a sign to be crucial, particularly in predictive work. I disagree with this viewpoint.

Horary astrologers would likely point to Margaret Thatcher’s SA Neptune at 29deg Scorpio (chart not shown) when she announced her resignation as an example of this impactful planet in its final degree.

Sign of the Zodiac

Astrologically speaking, zodiac signs refers to 12 specific constellations the Sun passes through each year. Astrologers believe that its position within any particular sign represents certain qualities associated with those born under that sign and can predict future events by reading birth charts that incorporate zodiac signs and their ruler planets. Horoscopes use this logic as their foundation.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, represented by a Ram. People born under this sign tend to be energetic and enthusiastic while also tending towards impatience and impulse. Since Aries is ruled by Mars, its energies often tend towards being more masculine and assertive than any of the other zodiac signs.

Taurus, symbolized by a bull, is another sign of the zodiac. People born under this sign tend to be loyal and persistent while sometimes stubborn and obstinate. Taurus is ruled by Venus which gives this sign its feminine and romantic side.

Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Pisces are among the other signs of the zodiac. Mutable signs, which change with each season’s climate. Each element rules one of these signs which give them their individual traits. In addition to that, each zodiac sign has four operating modes or “modalities”, and each is associated with one zodiac sign.

Scorpio, symbolised by a scorpion, is the final sign in the zodiac. People born under this sign tend to be passionate and intense individuals. Being ruled by Pluto makes Scorpio seem even darker and serious than its fellow zodiac signs.

Astrology has a rich history. According to The AstroTwins previously writing for mbg, Sumerians began keeping track of planets and stars as early as 6000 B.C. The Babylonians then continued the practice by creating our modern zodiac signs and houses systems; although today’s Western version incorporates both ancient Greece and Babylon influences.

House of the Zodiac

Astrology requires us to be aware of our sun sign, moon sign, Mercury and Venus signs as well as elemental alignments; but your full natal chart offers much more. Each house in it represents one zodiac sign which gives an insight into different aspects of your personality or life path.

The first six houses are known as personal houses, focusing on self-image, values, daily habits and ancestry. Four more are interpersonal houses; these focus on partnerships and career trajectories while four final ones govern interactions among others and communities we create/join together to form.

For instance, the fifth house, which is governed by Leo energy, represents love, creativity and children. Planets placed here can influence your relationship with your partner or children as well as how much pleasure is found from creative projects. Planets found here often bring unexpected breakthroughs that build confidence.

The third house, governed by Gemini, governs communication, siblings, neighbors, hobbies and interests, mental agility as well as your tongue, teeth, eyes mouth and nose – with experts noting that Priyanka Chopra may have had an influential third house due to the presence of Venus in her fourth house (her third being Gemini).

Planetary positions in your seventh house ruled by Libra and Venus can provide insight into romantic partnerships as well as how you work with others in business. This arena of your chart is one of the two most intimate in your chart alongside the tenth house.

The eighth and twelfth houses can be more challenging to decode. Scorpio, represented by Pluto, governs this complex house that deals with sexuality, death and rebirth, shared resources, joint investments and transformational relationships. Pisces/Neptune govern the mysterious 12th house which deals with spirituality/subconscious/dream spaces/where you learn to release emotional baggage for spiritual growth.


Mercury is one of the key planets in an individual’s birth chart (kundali), as it represents their thinking abilities and communication skills as well as memory abilities. Natives with strong Mercury in their charts possess exceptional reasoning and analysing capabilities – perfect for lawyers, singers and astrologers! However, weak Mercury may cause difficulties in work life as these individuals tend to spend money irresponsibly or experience financial difficulty due to reckless spending behaviour; additionally they could experience issues with children and brothers as well.

When Mercury enters any sign at zero degrees, it indicates it has just recently entered that sign and remains powerless; results should begin manifesting within 30-32 years. Therefore, it would be beneficial to take some measures against weak Mercury.


Mercury at zero degrees of any sign marks its entrance into that sign and offers an exciting new beginning and language to learn. Planets at this stage tend to embrace their true essence while remaining open and accepting of any challenges or obstacles they encounter along their journey.

Mercury in its third house offers natives an advantage when it comes to reasoning and analysing abilities, making them ideal candidates for careers as singers, lawyers, astrologers or politicians. Memory can be very strong for these individuals and they have no difficulty keeping track of everything that happens in their life. Their decision-making skills tend to be quick but can sometimes be too quick or even impulsive; additionally they often struggle with money issues which could eventually lead them down into debt. Practice of appropriate remedies can help them overcome their weaknesses. They should feed soaked green gram to birds, make donations and pray to Lord Vishnu (Mercury deity). In addition, they must respect and show kindness towards sisters, aunts and little girls.

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