Mercury and Oculus – Fintechs That Help VC-backed Startups Scale

Mercury provides business credit cards and banking platforms designed to assist VC-backed startups with scaling. Their IO card allows users to set their spending limits, earn 1.5% cash back and manage balances in an intuitive dashboard interface. Plus, there are no annual fees or repayment windows up to 23 days! Mercury utilizes an interchange plus […]

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Why is the Sky Blue?

The sky is blue due to light rays passing through Earth’s atmosphere and being scattered by air molecules; light at the blue end of the spectrum tends to be dispersed more strongly than other colors. Air molecules are smaller than visible light wavelengths, so they scatter shorter wavelengths such as violet more readily than longer

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Apollo Missions 11

On July 20, 1969, Armstrong and Aldrin made history when they took steps onto the moon for the first time, watched by millions around the globe. They planted the American flag and read out loud a plaque reading: “We came in peace for all humanity,” before returning back into Eagle to rejoin Michael Collins. During

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Spacecraft PNG Images Elevate Designs With Clarity and Versatility

Spacecraft are vehicles designed to travel through outer space. They may be either manned or unmanned and are utilized for different reasons – including scientific research, exploration and commercial applications. Spacecraft PNG visuals add depth and sophistication to designs when used for presentations, web pages or social media posts – yet they should be treated

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What is Made of Plastic?

Plastics can be divided into various classes according to the chemical process used during their creation and their physical properties, including their colour, clarity and flexibility. Naphtha is decomposed thermally in a steam cracker to produce light hydrocarbons known as major intermediaries such as olefins and aromatics that will then be fed into a factory

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Spacecraft Designed With NX

Every spacecraft starts with a design. From simple napkin sketches to complex engineering models used by NASA missions, every spacecraft begins its life as an idea that’s eventually realized through NX, Siemens’ powerful computer-aided design software. Only experienced engineers know how best to utilize its power. Rocket Lab’s US office requires an Administrator for Teamcenter/NX

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