The Planet Mars in Tamil Astrology

mars planet in tamil astrology

Mars, known by Hindus as Mangal and associated with Krtikeya in mythology, rules over Aries and Scorpio zodiac signs. It has an influential effect on your first house of birth chart on Tuesdays.

People with an elevated Mars placement tend to be soldiers, police officers, and higher authorities who exhibit aggressive characteristics with masculine characteristics like aggression. Their short temper could easily turn violent.

Mars in tamil astrology

Mars, known in Hindu mythology as Angaraka and Mangal (son of Bhumi and Varaha the boar), represents masculine energy and fire. This fiery planet can rule over both Aries and Scorpio in zodiac constellations as well as stars Mrigashira, Chitra and Dhanishtha; as well as ruling the zodiac signs Aries and Scorpio in star sign Mrigashira Chitra Dhanishtha Dhanishtha Dhanishtha respectively. If present it can lead to aggression, rage or anger and delay marriages as well as hinder career growth opportunities in life.

Tamil astrology views Mars as one of nine navagrahas and believes it to have an influence over physical appearance of people born under its auspices. Individuals born with strong Mars tend to be muscular with red-tinged eyes and red bone marrow in their bones; they also tend to be impulsive, impatient and quick-witted while excelling at finishing tasks without leaving anything undone.

Due to this tendency, they can sometimes be aggressive, hurting the feelings of others in the process. Furthermore, they tend to be quite stubborn, unwilling to concede defeat easily and having a negative outlook on life which causes anger quickly; but these individuals excel at analyzing situations and making decisions quickly.

Mars also represents the lungs, nose, left ear, intestines, bladder, kidney, groins and testicles, making its placement in these houses vulnerable to diseases such as tuberculosis, malaria and typhoid fever as well as creating heart, urethra and prostate gland problems.

People born under Mars’ 11th house tend to pursue occult research and may become known for it, which could bring financial success – although they will also face many obstacles and difficulties along the way. They make for excellent soldiers and fighters.

Ancient Tamils called planets ‘kole,’ meaning round objects suspended in space. At first they believed there were only seven planets; after Rahu and Kethu were discovered they became nine. Ravana was an accomplished astronomer and may have conceptualized this idea of nine navagrahas even before their existence became clear.

Mars in tamil horoscope

Mars, the planet of war, strength and courage is also responsible for energy and aggression. When strong in someone’s chart, Mars can give leadership qualities; when weak, it may cause impulsive anger or stubbornness to surface causing difficulty maintaining balance in their lives resulting in aggression both professionally and personally, harming relationships among friends and family alike.

Hindu mythology recognizes Mars as Angaraka or Mangal. He is considered the son of Bhumi (Earth) and Varaha (Boar), often associated with anger and celibacy. Mars takes 18 months to complete one cycle and spends 45 days in each Rashi.

Ruling over the genital area, muscles, gonads and adrenal glands. While traditionally thought to be less malefic than Rahu and Kethu combined in birth charts, Mercury can often prove quite potent when combined together – sometimes resulting in feverish episodes as well as accidents or trauma.

Mars in the 4th house can lead to aggression towards one’s mother and home environment, creating problems with marriage and relationships within maternal lines of families, conflict with spouse’s siblings, arguments or physical assault, loss of property and more.

Mars in the 11th house indicates an intense drive to gain wealth and can be beneficial in business, lottery and gambling, real estate investment and agriculture. Mars can also bring success in real estate and agriculture sectors as well as making someone famous in their chosen field and giving them wealth beyond expectations – it may help achieve goals and dreams while leading people forward in life with energy and enthusiasm! These people tend to be very ambitious individuals with great energy who will be effective leaders and managers at work with an unrelenting passion to be successful while being undaunted in taking risks and taking chances – such as when Mars enters into one of its twelve houses!

Mars in tamil birth chart

Planet Mars, commonly referred to as ‘Mars’ in Hindu mythology, is the fourth planet from the Sun and represents masculine energy. It rules over Aries and Scorpio as well as three stars Mrigashira Chitra Dhanishtha. As with most fiery planets it exudes fire when heated; red in color it also has fiery undercurrents associated with war and aggression and its deity is Lord Kartikeya who represents it symbolically; Hindu mythology considers him one of Mother Moon’s sons!

Mars in the 4th house creates an individual who is protective of his/her mother and home, fighting tirelessly for what they believe in. Such individuals excel at military and security-related occupations as well as land/agricultural business. Furthermore, these people tend to form good bonds with male friends/brothers as well as having many rich connections around the globe.

If Mars resides in your 10th house, that person will likely obtain top positions and government jobs. They will experience success in their careers with strong willpower to achieve what they desire; their dominating nature won’t take orders from others and they won’t back down from a fight easily.

Mars in the 2nd house affects siblings, education and monetary gains in many ways. People with strong Mars will tend to produce intelligent children that excel academically as well as having good relationships with both of their parents, plenty of friends and being successful with their businesses.

Venus (Shukra) is the fifth graha in Tamil astrology, ruling over Rishabam (Taurus) and Thulaam (Libra). Due to a struggle between it and Surya/Chandra it often produces mixed results – though generally considered beneficial by most. Venus or Shukra has long been associated with wealth and happiness and those born under its auspices tend to possess beautiful eyes with great looks; healthy bodies as well as having a robust appetite!

Mars in tamil natal chart

The planets in our solar system exert an incalculable influence over human lives. Tamil astrology refers to them as the Navagrahas and believes their placement at birth determines character and destiny for every person born into Tamil culture. Furthermore, each deity associated with them represents different aspects of life that impact a person’s character or destiny – this belief is passed down from generation to generation and is part of Tamil culture itself.

Mars, also known as the God of War and martial arts, represents action, courage and determination. Individuals with strong Mars in their natal chart tend to possess high energy levels with short tempers that tend to get angry easily over small issues – this may make sustaining relationships difficult at best; additionally this placement could produce Manglik Doshas within their chart.

Strong Mars in the 2nd, 6th or 10th houses is thought to indicate someone involved with military and police activities as well as being entrepreneurs trading iron and steel products or red goods such as red articles. Furthermore, such individuals could potentially become thieves or robbers that cause domestic turmoil as well as wars and battles in which they find themselves embroiled.

Astrologically speaking, Mars is considered a warrior planet that rules over sports and competitions. Additionally, its influence extends into areas such as aggression, confrontation and strength – with weak Mars associated with chronic aches and pains in muscles, gonads and adrenal glands.

Mercury in Tamil is known as putnnn (Puthan), meaning “one that rotates rapidly.” Astrologically speaking, Mercury influences communication and intelligence while controlling imagination and intuition – those born under its influence tend to be quick-witted and intelligent individuals. Vaitheeswaran koil in southern Tamil Nadu is where worshipping this god can help reduce any harmful influences from Mars on horoscopes.

Mars’ 4th house is ruled by the Moon, so this position may not be considered very auspicious for this planet. However, placing Mars in either of its other two houses – 7th or 8th house – can bring wealth from real estate deals as well as businesses. Furthermore, placing it here could also assist occult research efforts and gain fame.

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