Apollo 11 on DVD and Blu-Ray Review

Director Todd Douglas Miller crafts an engaging, inspiring film from newly discovered 65mm footage. From Walter Cronkite’s newscast oratory and frowning chain-smoking technicians in Mission Control – to massive crawler transporter hauling the Saturn V rocket from Cape Canaveral launch pad all the way back home – his picture is both grand in scale and intimate at once.

Is Apollo 11 on Amazon Prime?

Documenting the historic 1969 moon landing, featuring never-before-seen footage and audio recordings. Following Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins as they witness this historic mission as well as millions of spectators who gather around them, this documentary offers an unprecedented view of history.

Todd Douglas Miller’s film commemorating humankind’s most profound scientific achievement is an incredible visual feast that honors its 50th anniversary of landing on the moon. Working closely with NASA and the National Archives, Miller collected vast amounts of 70 mm footage that hadn’t previously been made available to audiences – much of it previously unreleased by either. Now available nationwide both IMAX theaters as well as YouTube Vudu iTunes platforms.

This movie has received overwhelming critical acclaim, earning 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and many viewers having reported that watching this film made them feel as if they were present during 1969 and watching events unfold firsthand.

Although Apollo 11 isn’t available to stream on Netflix, you can still find many space-themed films and documentaries that you can watch – from National Geographic’s One Strange Rock which follows eight astronauts sharing their insights about Earth to Apollo 13, which details a crew’s return home after their mission went south.

Philip Kaufman’s four-time Oscar-winning adaptation of The Right Stuff stars Sam Shepard as daredevil test pilot Chuck Yeager. You can also find many space-themed television shows available through Netflix such as One Day in America which follows former astronaut Gene Cernan through his experience of landing on the moon.

Apollo 11 is designed for cinematic viewing and will be even more breathtaking when seen in an IMAX theater. It opens us to a more vibrant America, filled with old cars and outdated Penney’s logo; yet allows us to witness engineering and scientific innovations that fueled its nine-day journey. At the same time, everyday details such as parking lot PB&J parties or midcentury modern ketchup packets serve to make this journey relatable and accessible.

Is Apollo 11 on DVD?

In 1969, Neil Armstrong made history when he took his first steps onto the moon as millions watched on TV. Now with Apollo 11 available on DVD and Blu-Ray, you can relive this historic mission right in your own home! This documentary takes viewers behind-the-scenes of NASA’s risky lunar landing mission, using never-before-seen footage to portray astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, Mission Control personnel and those tuning in around the globe who tuned in for this momentous occasion.

This documentary contains 100% archive footage from NASA’s Apollo 11 mission, including 165 reels of 70mm film stored there and 11,000 hours of audio recordings and hundreds of hours of video recorders that had been stored there. Filmmakers utilized all these archives and chose not to include voiceover narration or modern interviews in order to give audiences an immersive experience honoring these men who made this extraordinary journey.

Director Todd Douglas Miller transforms the film into an HD time machine, taking audiences back 50 years. It is truly impressive that this film manages to ground this monumental feat of engineering with all the mundane details of everyday life – such as outdated bathing caps. This unique juxtaposition makes this movie truly remarkable: one of only few movies to commemorate national achievements by celebrating mundane details from daily life.

This movie is divided into several segments that explore each aspect of the mission. The first section details the prelaunch phase, including the launch of Saturn V rocket and preparation by crew for mission. In contrast, section two explores actual landing on Moon with Eagle ascent, descent to surface of Moon landing site, astronaut egress from spacecraft.

This section of the film serves as a post-landing celebration of America’s greatest achievement, the Moon landing. It includes broadcasts such as “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” as well as astronaut’s post-landing statements regarding their experience on the lunar surface. Contrary to Damien Chazelle’s Oscar-winning First Man which heavily focused on Neil Armstrong as an individual figure; this documentary offers a more objective and comprehensive account of its mission history.

Is Apollo 11 on Blu-Ray?

Owning both a 4K TV and Blu-Ray player provides the perfect setting to experience Apollo 11: On the Big Screen. This documentary uses both modern footage and historic archive material to create an experience that’s both immersive and historically accurate, making this documentary essential viewing for those interested in space exploration history.

Todd Douglas Miller’s film chronicles the first landing of man on the moon, featuring never-before-seen large format footage from NASA and audio recordings from astronauts and mission control that help narrate this historic event. Critics gave this movie high ratings on Rotten Tomatoes; viewers raved that watching it was an amazing experience!

The 93-minute film centers around four key moments during Eagle and Columbia’s nine-day mission: liftoff, landing on the lunar surface, reconnecting Eagle with Columbia for their return home, and reentry back into Earth’s atmosphere. This mesmerizing and breathtaking celebration of teamwork and determination features mesmerizing technical spacecraft scenes which instead create moving odes to teamwork; its cinematography captures every detail of this historic achievement.

No narration or modern interviews exist in the film, creating an authentic cinematic experience. Archival footage is remarkable and its soundtrack includes classical and popular music that adds excitement. On Blu-Ray it employs a lossless English 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio mix which creates clear sound quality with only slight radio crackle and crosstalk present as part of vintage recordings.

Remastering of archival footage for this release was brilliant; images were clear and vibrant while colors were vivid and accurate; sound was also crystal-clear without distortion or background noise; Blu-ray disc features an aspect ratio of 2.20:1, supports WCG, High Dynamic Range, HEVC codecs as well as restored scanned versions in full native 4K resolution – restoration was conducted prior to scanning & restoration took place at full native resolution of 4K.

Is Apollo 11 on Netflix?

At this 50th anniversary of NASA’s Apollo 11 mission, this movie offers a stunning glimpse into its past. Todd Douglas Miller’s documentary uses restored wide-lens film footage from actual events; it is truly astounding to watch. Focused more on human moments rather than simply astronauts themselves, this captivating flick reminds viewers of all that sacrifice and courage was required for mankind to land on the Moon.

Space movies don’t get much better than this. The animation is stunning, and the story follows young Stan as he dreams of flying to the moon. Set during the 1960s, this story offers insight into life for Stan and his family as they try to reach their goal.

This movie offers plenty of drama, with well-developed characters. Plus, its gripping narrative has some surprising turns that will keep audiences on edge! A must see film!

Apollo 11 now comes in an all-new special edition that’s exclusive to IMAX and giant screen theaters – perfect for teaching students about NASA history and its achievements! It includes high-res images that can be used in classrooms for lessons about space exploration. This educational film can help foster new minds about astronomy.

While Apollo 11 may not be on Netflix, other movies relating to the space program such as Apollo 13 featuring Tom Hanks or National Geographic’s One Strange Rock may provide entertainment. Furthermore, documentaries about spaceflight such as Peter Jackson’s They Shall Not Grow Old are available as well as documentaries about astronauts like One Strange Rock.

Although animated, this movie captures the atmosphere of Houston during the 1960s vividly, making for an impressive watch. Anyone who lived near NASA then or now will surely appreciate this flick – making it perfect for all family audiences and sure to enthrall all ages of viewers alike! Space exploration fans should not miss this incredible film either!

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