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Star Citizen is an ambitious space sandbox that provides endless gameplay opportunities. No matter your preferred genre of gameplay – be it combat or cargo running – Star Citizen offers something suitable to everyone’s taste.


Star Citizen is an ambitious MMO sandbox game featuring an online, persistent universe sandbox. Players will have control of trading, combat and exploration elements within its persistent universe sandbox which allows them to make choices that will affect its growth.

Star Citizen planets are its central feature, each one boasting unique biomes, weather conditions and atmospheric compositions that reflect its particular biome. Rocky mountain ranges can give way to lush fields and winding rivers while natural satellites as well as artificial ones – including outposts, cave systems, abandoned colonial outposts and bunkers – can all add additional opportunities for gameplay on different worlds in Star Citizen.

Star Citizen features space stations and landing zones as key hubs that can help facilitate trade and restock your ships. Port Olisar on Crusader is especially convenient as it lies along its trade lanes without needing to navigate dense atmosphere.

Each planet or orbiting body also boasts numerous landing zones that include sprawling cities and settlements owned by governments or outlaw groups, each boasting its own distinctive layout, featuring dynamic objectives for combat, platforming and looting.

These landing zones offer the player an ideal place to explore, offering them a sense of scale that’s hard to come by in-game. Furthermore, they are an integral component for players traveling between planets in the Stanton System – making this an excellent place for starting off in Star Citizen and seeing how everything comes together.


Ships are an integral component of Star Citizen, enabling you to navigate and explore its vast universe with ease. There is an array of ship models from which to select; each manufacturer provides its own signature design language and lore that makes their vessel feel distinct within the game world.

Traders and haulers require ships capable of quickly and efficiently transporting goods across space, and the RSI Aurora series makes an excellent starting ship in this regard. Offering ample cargo capacity with enough space for additional ships, as well as taking part in combat missions or transport of high value items – these vessels make a strong start point for traders or haulers looking to become efficient transporters of their goods across space.

They provide ample firepower, and can deploy their Merlin fighter in battle to repel enemies. This versatile starter ship makes an excellent way to enter Star Citizen without excessive financial commitment.

Gunships are another key type of ship designed specifically to interdict, outmaneuver and disable targeted ships. Equipped with enhanced power plants and small cargo holds for maximum efficiency in combat situations.

Finally, there is the option of “boarding and salvage”, in which players can reclaim wreckage from destroyed ships in order to sell it for credit. Though still in beta testing phase, this might become an increasingly popular way of earning extra cash from derelict vessels over time.

Star Citizen offers endless entertainment – be it exploration, trading or combat – thanks to its core gameplay components: exploration, trading and combat. Together they form a vast sandbox universe with no loading screens and seamless transitions between pieces of content when they work – as well as incredible detail and fidelity! It promises plenty of distraction in this vast, persistent sandbox universe; we look forward to what surprises lie in store over the coming years!

Professions & Activities

Star Citizen provides many professions and activities that allow you to earn money, develop your character, or engage in multiplayer activities. From mining resources in space or transporting items across galaxies to refueling your ship or even bounty hunting missions for cash rewards – there are endless ways for players to profit in Star Citizen!

Mining is one of the most lucrative professions in the game and can be done both on asteroid belts or planetary surfaces to refine materials into valuable goods that can then be sold for profit and earn you credits. The more you mine, the more refined products can be created that can be sold and the greater will be your earnings from selling these refined goods to buyers.

Other professions to explore include cargo running and smuggling, which involve transporting goods between planets based on supply and demand for them. You could also start ship-to-ship refueling services or luxury transport businesses which provide much-needed luxuries without incurring taxes – rewarding yet profitable endeavors!

If combat is your thing, take on the role of an Arena commander and compete against other players in an all-out multi-player mode. While violence and death may ensue, it can still be fun!

Star Citizen, though far from perfect, remains an ambitious project that has been in development for over a decade and promises to expand and evolve further. Although often criticized for its cost and production time, Star Citizen could become the largest and most immersive sandbox MMO ever. As long as developers continue releasing massive updates regularly there’s much to look forward to within this game.

Social Events

Star Citizen boasts one of the friendliest and welcoming communities in video game history. Developer interviews, weekly content previews, monthly reports, an explorable roadmap/progress tracker as well as event like ship meetups/live races provide ample transparency into what’s going on within Star Citizen development process and community support are just a few examples of ways they stay engaged with fans of their work.

Star Citizen lends itself perfectly to group play, yet many individuals prefer solo exploration of its expansive galaxy. Perhaps they want a new challenge or simply want a taste before purchasing this video game title.

There are plenty of events within the game that offer opportunities for free activities like ship sales and referral events – as well as events offering extra starting currency or even giving away free ships – without breaking the bank! These can include ship sales, referral events and free fly events where participants receive some additional starting currency or even receive a complimentary smaller ship to get them started!

Star Citizen stands out as an unique experience due to a feature the company hasn’t discussed much: death. This revolutionary addition will change our perspective of Star Citizen by including mortality alongside other important aspects like reputation and progression.

Although this upcoming feature might not seem the most appealing, it is nonetheless crucial. The goal is for players to explore the galaxy as they wish without constant fear of their ship or character being lost; this allows for emergent gameplay and role playing scenarios which may result in rewarding outcomes.


Star Citizen can be an intoxicating game with plenty of opportunities for death to strike. While you will respawn at your point of death, other players could still travel there and kill you!

Dying can be an emotionally wrenching and terrifying experience, yet there are ways you can cope and heal from death’s aftermath. Med kits may help speed recovery time from injuries; while support armors speed the rate at which your body repairs itself.

Star Citizen development team members are constantly working on adding new features and functionalities to the game, including working on medical system and death of spaceman mechanics for creating an engaging, realistic, and challenging experience for their player base.

Star Citizen provides players with an experience similar to that found in Star Wars – when taking severe physical damage they will become incapacitated, and unable to fight back until someone comes along and provides medical aid – after this point they are ready to reenter combat and continue their storyline.

Prior to full implementation of these mechanics, there are still some additional tasks that must be accomplished; they are currently engaged in this effort, hoping to have some of these elements complete by 2021 at the latest. Their goal is to give players an immersive and authentic death/risk/reward experience so that they plan missions accordingly, repair their ship as necessary, visit hospitals and shops between missions, etc.

These new features will be tested and refined gradually over time, and developers anticipate that feedback from players will shape them even before their implementation is fully underway. If you have any inquiries about Star Citizen development team or their plans, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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