Spacecraft Games

Kerbal Space Program stands out among spaceship games for its crafted design and fun gameplay, inviting players to explore an expansive expanse of universal exploration across an open world environment.

Each turn, players must conduct research with the available spacecraft and instruments cards. Each spacecraft offers its own research value and bonus that are subtracted from a destination total total.

Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program is a physics-based spacecraft simulator in which players manage a space center in a fictional solar system with planets similar to our own orbiting around a central star. Players build rocket ships out of Lego-style snap-together parts capable of transporting small green kerbonauts into orbit and onto other planets safely (or not!).

The game has received wide acclaim for its realistic depiction of space travel. Engines feature variable sizes, weights and efficiencies while joints between rocket components may have limited strength; spacecraft can be propelled into orbit by adding engines or released from it by subtracting them; it also simulates various orbital mechanics like tidal drag and Lagrange points without offering full n-body simulation.

The game’s controls are straightforward and intuitive: using the WSAD keys to move the spacecraft while pressing T (for Stability Assist), which allows faster and more precise turns with reduced fuel use.

No Man’s Sky

Explore a universe of 18 quintillion planets, each boasting their own distinctive creatures and landscapes. Experience dogfighting in space, hunting down hostile creatures or hunting pirates for bounties; every success or failure leaves lasting effects in this game of survival!

Hello Games has consistently updated No Man’s Sky since its initial release, providing new mechanics and content – such as submarines for exploring ocean depths on planets, freighters to serve as bases in space, and exo-suits that boost survivability in extreme environments.

Players have also been able to customize their ships, suits, and equipment using materials they find throughout the galaxy. Carbon is currently one of the key resources, fuelling both your mining tool and life support system. Hello Games’ plans to provide even more ways for players to express themselves within this massively multiplayer sci-fi experience are still underway; but for now No Man’s Sky stands as an impressive achievement of virtual world-building and player freedom.

Star Wars: Battlefront

Star Wars: Battlefront is a first-person shooter game designed to allow gamers to live out their Star Wars fantasies. Combat can take place across planets such as Hoth, Endor and Tatooine brought to life with incredible realism by EA DICE team.

This game brings iconic film roles into playable characters and vehicles from the franchise – such as Millennium Falcon and TIE fighters – as well as gripping space battles where players battle against one another or computer-controlled NPCs.

Gaming sites such as IGN were critical of the single-player campaign of this game; IGN described its plot development as occurring in an “unimaginative fashion”. However, DLC Death Star added new missions that helped deepen its story arc and flesh out its plot further. Assault transports can also be boarded by marine characters to cause damage; however, these vessels can be easily destroyed by Turrets; repairs must also be performed frequently so as to maintain power-ups for repairs by marine characters boarding them.

Star Wars: Destiny

Star Wars: Destiny is a collectible card game with large chunky dice that brings the conflict between good and evil right onto your tabletop. Players build decks featuring characters from every faction and era as long as they fall on opposite sides of the conflict – it’s easy to learn, rewarding clever card play, strategic thinking and quick thinking!

Players take turns rolling their special dice and playing cards from their hands, then attacking each other’s characters until one player’s characters have been knocked out or they run out of cards in their deck or hand.

Star Wars: Destiny has featured an extensive tournament circuit since its introduction, including world, continental, national, regional and local championships – officially sanctioned prizes provided directly from Fantasy Flight Games – ever since its release. Unfortunately due to COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 FFG ultimately decided not to hold their planned 2020 World tournament or any official organized play events during that year.

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