Names For Horses – How to Choose the Right One For Your Horse!

Naming horses can be an overwhelming task. We have some helpful suggestions to make finding the perfect name easier!

DreamWorks artists scoured real-life mustangs in search of inspiration for Spirit, an animated character they had created. Kiger quickly won hearts for both his beauty and strength.


Isolde is an alluring Celtic name that symbolizes undying love. The Welsh equivalent, Esyllt, also exists and there are Cornish and Old French versions too. Your baby may enjoy learning to pronounce this charming name which involves their lips, teeth, tongue, alveolar ridge, palate, glottis, larynx all working harmoniously to produce sound waves from within their mouth and throat to form sounds and bring out sounds in speech.

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron was inspired by real Spirit horses bred in Northern Canada. Give your untamable female equine friend an Isolde name as part of her playful character!

Spirit, an impressive Kiger Mustang Stallion is the leader of an unpredictable herd of wild horses and puts their welfare before his own. Although quick to anger, he also displays soft spots. Spirit serves as the film’s hero with dignity.

Calamity Jane

Calamity Jane was known for being an unpredictable individual, yet she could also exhibit tender qualities. For instance, she once helped rescue passengers of an attacked stagecoach by taking over control and leading their horses back home safely. Additionally, she became well known in Deadwood due to tending to victims affected by smallpox epidemic.

Publicly known for her lavish drinking and men-oriented lifestyle, she regularly expressed regret over it and tried to change. Unfortunately, none of these efforts succeeded. Eventually she passed away in 1903 and was interred at Belle Fourche Cemetery in South Dakota.

While there is no definitive evidence as to how Calamity Jane earned her name, her life is full of interesting tales. She held various jobs such as waitressing, ox-team driving, nursing and dance hall girl. Additionally, she often donned men’s clothing while possessing skills in horseback riding, marksmanship and gunplay; ultimately earning the moniker due to her ability to create havoc in any situation. It is thought she earned this moniker due to her propensity for stirring things up!


Spirit horses are beloved companions that bring much happiness into our lives, so finding their name is essential in order to unlock her full potential. There are plenty of choices for spirit horses in both movie and PC game form!

Spirit’s herd, known as the Cimarron Herd, includes several wild mustangs such as Strider, Esperanza, Clara, Fuego Gray Little Sherry Raphael Sierra Tally; these foals serve as companions for Spirit and Little Creek when they escape from US Cavalry fortress; this herd also helps them escape train tracks dragged along. The Cimarron Herd provides them with constant companionship as they work their way away from it during escape attempts from trains dragged along them dragged along its tracks en masse while providing support while they make their attempt to escape train.


Spirit is a striking kiger mustang stallion and leader of his herd. Strong yet playful, his daring personality makes him a beloved member. Paint refers to horses with splashes of color in their coats – another fitting name.

Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron takes place during the American Civil War and features the US Cavalry as the mounted arm.

As soon as the Colonel attempts to ride Spirit, Spirit quickly bucks uncontrollably and throws him through the air. Alarmed at this turn of events, Spirit’s fellow horses encouraged her to flee; she ran directly into a train’s path but managed to save Rain from being crushed under its wheels. Little Creek and two other Lakota Indians brought Spirit back to their village where she met Rain again; she soon fell in love with him but she knew she must return back home to protect his herd.


Spirit is a strong, brave stallion with a warrior spirit who encourages those searching for courage to pursue their dreams and fight for freedom.

DreamWorks Animation took creative license in making an entertaining animated film that is also grounded in reality, such as modeling their hero horse Spirit after Donner, an actual bay dun Kiger mustang from Wisconsin.

After seeing his herd running free across their homeland, the stallion managed to escape his captors and free himself along with other horses. Running back home, he is met by Rain who is overjoyed at seeing him back and together they decide to spend their lives at an American Wild Horse Sanctuary where they spread awareness that freedom is worth fighting for and also help many horses such as Spirit find new homes.


Nixie is an evocative name that conjures images of fairy-world sprites and pixies, while also fitting the bill for horses that possess wild personalities that draw people in.

Nixies, similar to European mermaids or Greek sirens, are legendary water spirits from Germanic folklore that use music to charm or curse people. Pregnant women and unbaptized children seem particularly vulnerable; calling out their names may disarm these water spirits and save swimmers.

Tangolette is an appropriate name for white horses with fiery spirits and bold personalities, such as those who enjoy dancing or showing off impressive moves. Ultimare and Rhapsodya will fit a horse exhibiting pride or arrogance well; Rhapsodya offers musical inspiration.


Noir is a dark-horse with an intense personality. He enjoys racing and leading his herd, yet can also be fun-loving and fiery-spirited. Born on the open plains of Colorado, Noir strives to keep them free even at any cost to himself.

One night, Spirit spots a light in the distance and decides to investigate, whereupon he discovers several horses tied up by humans and trying to escape from them he becomes captured and taken to a US cavalry fort.

While at Fort Harrison, Spirit meets Rain, an exquisite American Paint Horse mare. They instantly become close and share an affinity for freedom. Spirit and Rain become fast friends; when put to work on the transcontinental railroad they attempt to escape but are captured again by men from Fort Harrison who take them back before tricking their captors out by trickery to set free all of the horses held captive at fort.


Oakley is an equine-inspired choice with cowgirl flair that pays homage to Annie Oakley of Wild West sharpshooter fame, making a charming choice for horses with spots. Pegasus from Greek mythology represents divine horses who fly. A delightful country pick for horses sporting red hues in their coats!

Heartshore Horses’ herd of Spirit Horses provides an invaluable opportunity to connect authentically with their immense wisdom and teachings. There’s an extraordinary limbic resonance/magic when a horse soul connects with ours for healing & sovereign soul empowerment; at Heartshore we offer Equine Assisted Soul Experiences to facilitate this connection and help you learn its medicine; these life changing sessions can leave you with clearer direction, deeper healing and clearer vision!


Zephyr, in Greek mythology, is the west wind who brings light and fresh air each spring, serving as god of travel and enchantment and fathering Eros (the lover) and Pothos (bringer of rainbows).

Names for spirit horses may come from mythology, history or personal experience – or even from their favorite book or movie! A name should be meaningful and reflect their character perfectly.

Some of the most beloved spirit horse names are chosen based on physical traits or personality characteristics of horses. For instance, those with gentle, free-spirited personalities could be given names like Zephyr (which means breeze) or Xanthus (meaning bright and cheerful). Such names represent horses with joyful dispositions and represent nobility and grandeur – perfect choices to represent their regal bearing and gracefulness.

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