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spacecraft trailers

Space Craft specializes in crafting customized trailers for an array of customers, such as traveling performers and carnival workers, contractors and movie production companies.

Company trailers range up to 57 feet, so buyers will require a powerful truck to transport it. Furthermore, these extraordinary pieces boast high-end features and finishes that add luxury.


This 57-foot fifth wheel was custom built to order, meaning its clients can choose any cabinets, floorplan and accessories they want for it. Our tour was led by designer Wyatt who stressed his emphasis on easy-access components and leakproof construction – something many RV designers don’t prioritize enough. He disapproved of other RV designers placing essential systems out-of-the-way where they’re hard to access or replace.

SpaceCraft started as a mother and son partnership and built campers for traveling carnival and circus outfits, so they understand the unique demands of hauling equipment while entertaining audiences. Their focus on durability and longevity also ensures an exceptional product.

Space Craft offers clients complete freedom in how involved or passive they want to be with the design process, from sketched ideas on napkins all the way through to detailed blueprints. However, this level of customization and luxury does come at a price; depending on length and options chosen it could cost more than purchasing an entirely new car!


Space Craft’s flexible approach to trailer design means customers can request anything within weight and price constraints; whether that means a front kitchen fifth wheel with rear master suite, an onboard office for conducting business while traveling, or custom slide-out rooms designed just for them. They make this possible while doing it with a smile by conducting thorough interviews to understand buyers’ unique lifestyle needs and selecting a model which perfectly satisfies them.

Space Craft’s designs place crucial systems within reach of its users and boast superior durability compared to most manufacturers’ systems. Their basement storage, for instance, features a tongue-and-groove floor and 1 1/2 inches of polystyrene insulation – two features not easily found among manufacturers’ systems.

Space Craft’s custom trailers come at a premium, as they only sell 10 to 15 trailers annually (including their demo units at Tampa RV Show). If you want one of these massive structures, contact Space Craft directly as they don’t advertise their prices publicly.


Space Craft trailers don’t offer prefabricated floorplans with luxurious amenities and furnishings; rather they’re custom built specifically to each client using appliances, furniture and components they already own or can find at stores such as Home Depot. Furthermore, add-ons like molded fiberglass ceilings can add durability as well as create a clean aesthetic.

Beginning by crafting slide-in truck campers, the company eventually expanded into manufacturing fifth-wheels, trailers and Class A motorhomes – many of these custom units being passed down from family member or sold privately without being available to the general public.

SpaceCraft Manufacturing produces a 57-foot fifth wheel that is an absolute behemoth. Intended to accommodate traveling performers and businesses, these massive trailers put durability first and longevity second; circus performers may load their trailers up with everything from tigers to spider monkeys; therefore this company recognizes that animals such as these may put undue strain on any RV.


Space Craft factory in west-central Missouri takes great pride in their anything-is-possible approach. Interviewing new customers, discussing available options and helping them design the trailer of their dreams from front-kitchen fifth wheels with more than an inch of headroom to rear master bedrooms with over 6 feet of headroom; you can even include a 6-foot steam shower!

Custom trailers don’t come cheap; in fact, they can cost over a quarter million dollars depending on their size and complexity.

SpaceCraft does not publish prices of its RVs as most are sold privately; however, they claim their buyers tend to be full-time RVers who purchase new models for themselves rather than to replace older RVs they already owned. As a result, few used Spacecraft fifth wheels exist for sale because most are either passed along within families or sold prior to ever entering public markets – with an eight slide out model selling for over $300,000.

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