Spacecraft Systems Engineer

Spacecraft construction entails many moving parts, all developed by different teams. System engineers take an overall view, assessing how all these different systems connect. Attracting candidates who possess US Citizenship and Public Trust Clearance for this sedentary position involving frequent use of computer keyboard and mouse. Requirements Analysis Systems engineering gives life to space missions […]

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What Does a Spacecraft Engineer Do?

Aerospace engineers design and test aircraft, spacecraft, satellites and missiles according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In addition, they may oversee manufacturing of these products and systems. Astronautical engineers design and construct spacecraft, the vehicles astronauts use to explore what remains mostly uncharted areas of space. This work can be both challenging and rewarding.

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Spacecraft Systems Engineer Degree

Systems engineers collaborate across departments to define and communicate requirements. They conduct system-level trade studies and support reliability engineering efforts. Kylene Eagle uses her problem-solving abilities in various capacities at Rocket Lab, an end-to-end space company offering launch and on-orbit operations. She contributes to designing and developing Photon – a satellite bus which supports innovative

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