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National Aeronautics and Space Administration has left its mark far beyond space exploration: from walking on the moon and building the International Space Station to mapping multiple wavelengths of spacetime through multiple spectrometers and imagers, as well as studying its effects.

In-space manufacturing has propelled commercial space development forward exponentially and opened a new era of exploration – but with it comes risk.

Founded in 2002

Spacecraft Collective is an artist-driven brand, founded in Seattle from a photo of a snowcat at Summit at Snoqualmie’s Alpental backcountry terrain. Their designs draw on inspiration from diverse musical and cultural sources to craft designs with artistic quality – their durable hats and beanies keep you warm while remaining stylish!

Rockets represent many things to different people, but space enthusiasts tend to view them as an agent of expanding capitalism. Their impact extends far beyond terrestrial boundaries and challenges traditional economic structures.

Space economy development has provided investors with unprecedented investment opportunities. Traditional large VCs with deep pockets have joined new venture funds eager to find good deals and be first-in-line for investment opportunities in space enterprises, which has resulted in massive funding increases for promising space enterprises while helping reduce risks associated with early stage companies.

Designed by Stefan Hofmann

Stefan Hofmann is an artist and the founder of Spacecraft Collective. Specializing in process-driven making that is informed by material and cultural context, his works have been displayed across US galleries as well as featured in publications.

Hofmann employs an array of tools and techniques in his work to explore conceptual subjects. While not always the fastest or easiest approaches, his methods always produce refined offerings of art and product. Beyond his own endeavors, he collaborates on large-scale projects with other artists and designers such as Trove in Seattle; Westward in Fremont; Joule boutique hotel in Portland – to name just three examples.

Spacecraft hats and beanies, designed by artists for modern cosmonauts, combine functionality and aesthetics in stylish apparel that embodies cultural influences ranging from Cascades to Bali beaches. Spacecraft’s street-ready apparel features popular Run Free beanies alongside Ikat-decorated models to meet every lifestyle need imaginable – there is truly something here for everyone in their collection.

Designed for the modern cosmonaut

A cosmonaut wears a spacesuit designed to shield him from cold and dark conditions, shield his eyes from cosmic radiation, and ensure maximum comfort when conducting scientific work. Scientists are currently developing new materials and testing things such as laser heating, internal illumination and inflation with vaporized hydrogen peroxide so as to make these suits even more comfortable, lighter, and safer for astronauts.

The spacecraft also contains a descent module known as “sputnik” (Russian: ukae avari). Half of this capsule is covered with heat-resistant insulation to protect it during reentry; this part usually descends via parachute while its counterpart uses solid fuel braking engines for safe landing.

Though primarily a private individual, Tokarev seems to enjoy engaging with media. At this week’s news conference he was asked what his dreams about space were; his answer was both serious and playful as he mentioned that he sleeps well but occasionally dreams.

Made in Seattle

The brand focuses on craftsmanship, culture and quality in all their products. Their hats are constructed using various materials with distinct designs for added durability and comfort; inspired by various musical genres and cultures around the globe.

Active Junky is proud to support this iconic Seattle manufacturer and both styles are truly amazing! A No’easter-worthy plaid and gray combo and one adorned with Ikat fabric (traditional Balinese fabric) add to its charms. Active Junky stands behind them both and their designs stand the test of time!

The physical space that houses The Collective is designed to be comfortable, functional and adaptive; serving as both a basecamp and launchpad to encourage interaction and meet the ever-evolving needs of Members in their endeavors. Furthermore, it serves as a hub for community life while elevating local Black creatives and entrepreneurs.

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