Why is the Sky Blue on Quora?

Quora does not moderate any questions asked to it, unlike Wikipedia where volunteers continually proof and correct articles in order to create a reliable information source. Quora simply lacks this feature. Unfairly placing value on questions at the expense of answer authors who spend hours crafting detailed replies would be silly. Quora should devise a …

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Why is the Sky Blue?

Have you ever found yourself looking up on a sunny day and wondering why the sky appears blue? Turns out there’s an excellent explanation! The color of the sky is determined by how sunlight interacts with our atmosphere. Sunlight passes through air molecules, scattering in all directions with blue hues being more heavily dispersed than …

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Why is the Sky Blue?

As sunlight passes through the atmosphere, its energy becomes scattered by air molecules – this scattering effect being especially evident for blue light. As such, very little of the direct blue light of the sun reaches your eyes directly, leading to pale skies as you climb higher into the atmosphere. Sunlight As the Sun shines …

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The Sky Color Blue

Sky blue is an inviting color that helps people remain calm and focused. It makes an excellent backdrop in your home office or bedroom and pairs nicely with warm wood accents like bed frames or nightstands. This soothing shade represents hope, trust and faith – perfect to encourage us all to remain confident about the …

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