The Life Cycle of Plants

Students can act out the life cycle of a plant. Start by having students curl themselves into tight balls as seeds. Under optimal conditions, seeds sprout and become seedlings, before developing into mature plants producing flowers and setting seeds which are dispersed through wind, water or animals, continuing the cycle. Seed Every plant begins life …

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The Life Cycle of Flowers

Flowers come in all sorts of shapes, colors and scents; their main purpose being to attract pollinators insects while producing seeds that perpetuate the species. Seeds contain miniature plants called embryos. Each seed has a hard shell called a seed coat to protect it, which allows germination to occur quickly. Once sprouting occurs, embryos develop …

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The Life Cycles of a Plant

Seeds contain everything needed for new plant life to take root and flourish, including wind, water and animal dispersion methods. When they find favorable environments they will germinate into new life forms. Once a tree reaches maturity, it begins producing flowers which are pollinated either by animals or wind and eventually turn into fruit that …

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