The Life Cycle of Plants

Every plant goes through a cycle, from non-flowering ferns and mosses through flowering plants with pollination, fertilization and seed production. Each tree starts life as a seed packed full of everything it needs to germinate into an adult plant and flourish in its environment. Once germinated, these seeds can then be dispersed via various means

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The Life Cycle of a Plant

Plants go through an evolutionary cycle known as their life cycle that ensures their survival. Germination is the first step of plant cultivation. This occurs when a seed breaks through its outer shell and begins to grow roots and leaves that allow sunlight to enter its cells and feed itself through photosynthesis, providing sustenance. Seed

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The Life Span of a Starfish

Starfish don’t possess brains or blood, but they do possess eyes which allow them to observe their surroundings. Furthermore, starfish have the ability to regenerate their arms should an unwelcome guest appear unannouncedly. Once fertilized eggs hatch into bipinnaria larva, the animal moves to the ocean floor where it undergoes metamorphosis into an adult form

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