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What is Star Naming?

What is Star Naming? Star naming is an excellent way to show someone you care about or yourself. You can name your star after your favorite pet, TV character, movie character or even a deceased loved one – the possibilities are endless! Star names are an integral part of astronomy and culture, so it’s essential

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Mars Planet Drawing

Mars Planet Drawing Mars has long captivated the attention of humanity with its endless mysteries, such as canals, spring growth, waves of darkening and whether life exists there. These theories have fuelled centuries of scientific inquiry into this planet that lies beyond Earth’s atmosphere. Students can explore these intriguing ideas in the Images of Mars

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Mars Planet Discovery

Mars has been a mysterious planet to astronomers for centuries. It’s always been thought to be moonless but in 1877 astronomer Asaph Hall discovered two natural satellites called Deimos and Phobos. These were the first observations of a planet outside our solar system. Over time, more and more discoveries have helped to change our understanding

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Are Mars Planets Discontinued? – find more about this – find more about this

If you’re a fan of Mars chocolate bars, then you’ll no doubt be sad to learn that they’ve gone the way of the dodo. However, you’ll be relieved to know that you can still find some Mars-themed products on sale. For example, we’ve been able to buy Mars Bars in Australia and there is also

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Mars Planet Jeans

Material The outer shell of the mars planet jeans is made from ballistic nylon, an extremely durable material used to make World War Two flak jackets. The high-tenacity filament fibre in this fabric makes it incredibly tough, but also gives it an attractive and utilitarian look. It also means that the pants are tear-resistant –

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