Fun Facts About Canada

fun fact of canada

Canada is the second-largest nation on earth and boasts beautiful coastline, six time zones, and its national currency is known as the Canadian dollar.

Canada is famously home to Santa Claus (real name: Saint Nick), as well as having some unique national traditions such as poutine or even its distinct “eh” language – discover these 30 amazing facts about Canada today and be amazed!

It’s the Friendliest Country in the World

Canadians are known to take great pride in their stunning natural environment – lakes, rivers, mountains and three oceans; stunning cities such as Toronto; but did you know they’re also some of the friendliest people around? According to a recent survey conducted by Klear, Canadians are among some of the most welcoming individuals worldwide due to their open minds and generosity towards foreigners – they provide delicious meals, warm accommodations and exciting activities.

But the root of their kindness could lie deeper. According to experts, their politeness may serve as a survival mechanism in two ways – first helping them survive in such a vast country as Siberia where people often get lost or freeze to death, and secondly as an attempt by them to deal with an increasingly overbearing superpower from south of their border.

Canadian hospitality is one of the greatest attractions to tourists visiting this country, as evidenced by their eagerness to help and assist visitors. After 9/11 when US airspace was closed off, airports across Canada offered facilities to stranded aircraft – even small communities such as Gander in Newfoundland mobilized their people to ensure safe landing of arriving flights.

Canada stands out as an exceptional country thanks to its diverse culture and languages. Its ten provinces and territories host an abundance of different ethnicities, language quirks, and fascinating traditions – they represent an exciting melting pot of diverse cultures, backgrounds, and backgrounds, each sharing something with everyone else. Their sense of humor and joking are legendary – you may often catch them cracking jokes about themselves or others!

Canada offers everything from thrilling adventures to relaxing getaways – so next time you plan a trip, don’t forget to book flight tickets to this breathtaking nation – you won’t regret it and could even meet some of the nicest people ever who might even invite you over for dinner parties and igloo dancing!

It’s Home to Santa Claus

Though Canada is one of the most beloved countries in the world, it does have some peculiar quirks that set it apart from others. Perhaps most notably is our production of 80% of global maple syrup production; yet this country also holds many other surprises for visitors!

Newfoundlanders often participate in an unusual tradition known as “Kissing the Cod.” This involves giving a kiss to a dead codfish before drinking a shot of rum called Skreech; not only is this practice local; it has even become a tourist draw!

Canadians are known for their quirky traditions; for instance, Canadians are notorious for overcompensating in terms of apologizing – so much so that there’s even a national day dedicated to it!

Canada is well known as being Santa Claus’ home despite technically not belonging to any nation; nonetheless, most believe he resides there and his postal code is H0H 0H0 so send your letters right here! You might just receive an answer!

Every year, Transport Canada inspectors travel to the North Pole and examine Santa’s sleigh. From landing gear inspection to de-icing system checks, Transport Canada makes sure Santa is fully prepared for his adventure!

Canada boasts the longest coastline in the world. Bounded on three sides by three oceans – Atlantic, Arctic and Pacific – Canada has over 5,250km of coastline that if traversed from end to end would take you over five and half years!

Did you know Quebec is known as the cheese capital of the world? Quebec imports and exports over 7 million pounds annually; that’s more than double what comes out of France! So the next time you crave some delectable Camembert, remember where the finest products in the world come from: Canada!

It’s the World’s Largest Exporter of Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is an irresistibly flavorful, natural sweetener made from the sap of maple trees. To produce it, boiling down this sap until it reaches a desirable consistency and flavor is necessary – an age-old process popular throughout many countries.

Canada is the top producer of maple syrup globally and they even maintain a strategic reserve to use during times of hardship such as economic crises or drought.

Quebec dominates American maple syrup production, located on eastern Canada and bordering northeastern United States. Maple syrup production there has long been considered a vital part of local culture and continues to play an integral part.

So popular are maple farms that there are even maple weekends where people can visit and learn about the production process as well as sample fresh syrup straight from its source. Many children visit sugar shacks during spring field trips or family visits where they can witness sap being collected and enjoy maple taffy!

Though many other trees possess the ability to be turned into syrup-producing trees, only Acer saccharum has sufficient sugar in its sap for efficient production of syrup production. Other trees require more sap in order to produce equivalent quantities of syrup, making production an more costly endeavor.

Maple syrup can be found in many foods and beverages. It is often drizzled on pancakes, waffles or French toast; but can also be used as an ingredient in baking goods or as an alternative sweetener like corn syrup or honey.

Maple syrup is an irresistibly tasty treat that can be enjoyed in numerous ways. Aside from sweetening foods and beverages alike, maple syrup also works wonderfully as an ingredient in cocktails or other drinks. The ideal maple syrup should be fresh, not too thick or thin and free from mold or insect debris.

It’s the World’s Largest Exporter of Mac and Cheese

Canada may come as a shock, but the country is actually the world’s leading exporter of mac and cheese, according to Forbes’ report. Canadian companies produce over one million tons of this comforting dish each year! That figure is astounding given that American versions typically use powdered mixes with plenty of processed cheese added.

Canada produces much of the world’s mac and cheese due to its sprawling 10 provinces and 3 territories that cover approximately two fifths of North America. Furthermore, each Canadian consumes an estimated seven kilograms annually of mac and cheese!

Mac and cheese is an incredibly adaptable dish, serving as snacks, entrees, or even dessert. Because it appeals to people of all ages and dietary restrictions alike, its popularity continues to spread around the world. Recently in Logan, Utah – in an attempt to break the world record for largest bowl of mac and cheese ever created by Schreiber Foods – they created an enormous feast which weighed 2,151 kilograms and fed 1,058 people!

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