Is Mercury in Retrograde Today?

is mercury in retrograde today

Mercury governs communication, and approximately three to four times every year it appears to move backwards – this phenomenon is known as Mercury Retrograde periods.

Mercury Retrograde spans nine weeks and runs between Sagittarius and Capricorn, creating an alternating back-and-forth motion, offering the opportunity to review goals and dreams, according to McCord. Now is an opportune time for taking stock.

What is Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury as a planet governs communication, expression and how we think; when its cosmic energy begins to decline and reverse itself, this may affect all of us differently in unexpected ways.

Mercury Retrograde occurs three times each year when it seems as though Mercury is moving backward from our perspective on Earth. This phenomenon is an optical illusion created by other planets orbiting around the Sun with their own distinct paths; when one slows down significantly it may give an appearance of moving backwards – when in reality this is not actually occurring).

At this time of year, many of us may encounter problems with technology, miscommunication and travel delays. Therefore, it’s essential that we take extra precautions in our daily lives during this period; double-check work emails before hitting send and check social media posts frequently so as to not offend friends and family.

Mercury Retrograde will start on Dec. 12, as a New Moon enters fiery Sagittarius and end on Jan. 2 when the planet moves back into defiant Capricorn, according to McCord. During this period it is wise to reflect upon your life, assess where you stand now, and set goals for next year, she advises.

Mars, the ruler of our digestive systems and digestion, enters Sagittarius during this retrograde. Therefore, it’s especially important that during this period we avoid processed foods as much as possible and be especially conscious of our thoughts and words so as to not say something you may regret later.

Mercury Retrograde may cause some inconvenience in certain areas, but in most instances it’s actually beneficial for most people–particularly those born under Sagittarius and Capricorn sign horoscopes. Mercury Retrograde affects these signs more strongly; so pay attention to what’s going on with your own chart during this time; you might discover an opportunity to revisit an old goal or relationship which has been put off or neglected until now.

How Does Mercury Retrograde Affect Us?

Mercury retrograde occurs when its planet of communication and cognition appears to move backward in our perspective on Earth, creating confusion for even experienced communicators, while raising any tensions that have been simmering beneath the surface. It’s an ideal opportunity to increase your listening skills, select words carefully, and take steps to prevent any miscommunication that might otherwise arise during this period.

Mercury slowing and looping back on itself occurs several times each year for roughly three weeks, often coinciding with important events like the 2000 presidential election and launch of Mars Odyssey mission to Saturn in 2016. It has even been observed in 2016 when NASA launched their Mars Odyssey mission!

As Mercury orbits more slowly than its outer planet counterparts, Earth can sometimes catch up and pass by them from time to time, which may create the illusion that time has gone backward. When this occurs in our fast-paced society it may feel as if progress is reversed and reversed back.

As Mercury retrograde occurs during travel and project planning periods, it’s wise to allow yourself extra time for travel and projects during this timeframe and wait to make any major decisions or initiate new endeavors until it resumes direct motion again – this way you’ll save yourself much stress and aggravation.

Your reactions to Mercury depend on which sign you belong to; Gemini being an air sign will feel its influence differently, for example. They tend to communicate quickly and think on their feet; when Mercury retrograde hits they could find their scattered ways coming out in full force; so when this occurs it is wise to take things slowly, double check work done, and anticipate some problems along the way.

Water signs should take this opportunity to reconnect with their spiritual side and rediscover what matters to them – as Mercury retrograde through Pisces can have a powerful influence. Now may also be an excellent time to review how balanced is your life in terms of family, career and hobbies; are any getting overlooked due to other demands?

What Can We Expect from Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury governs communication, thoughts and connections – when in retrograde motion it may cause things to seem off balance. Astrologers believe this slowed-down planet movement can create issues with technology, travel and relationships; but every three weeks or so it moves back on course and life returns back to its usual pace.

Astrologers suggest that by following some key tips during Mercury retrograde, we will reduce our likelihood of experiencing its chaos. One key way is being extra vigilant with all proposals, ideas and creative efforts before going live – this will ensure there are no mistakes due to miscommunication that often occurs during this time period.

Mercury Retrograde provides an opportunity to take some time away from work and focus on personal relationships. Since Mercury Retrograde can bring up old issues that need addressing, using this period wisely and avoiding arguments with loved ones is crucial.

If you need to make plans for this weekend, it is best to do it well ahead of time, as any problems caused by Mercury Retrograde could become harder to rectify than otherwise. This includes travel reservations, appointments and planning events. For large purchases such as furniture or electronics it may be beneficial to wait until after Mercury’s retrograde period ends as this increases your odds of getting what you want when you want it.

Reducing stress requires taking time to reflect on your goals and the direction your life is heading in. Reviewing priorities will allow you to ensure the ideal balance is struck between work, family and personal pursuits – something which is especially helpful if navigating relationships can be tough.

Mercury retrograde will begin August 23 and run until September 14. Since it falls during the holidays, this period should serve as a reminder to prioritize accuracy over speed when making important decisions and try your best to avoid misunderstandings with loved ones.

What Can We Do to Avoid Mercury Retrograde?

Although Mercury Retrograde cannot be avoided entirely, there are ways you can mitigate its effects. First off, use caution when traveling or engaging in important conversations; also it would be prudent not to make major decisions during this period as miscommunication and emotions tend to run high. Make time each day for self-care and meditation practices to help clear your mind and reduce stress levels.

As Mercury Retrograde proceeds, it is wise to review both professional and personal communications during this period. In some instances, you may discover that something was misread or sent incorrectly; these issues typically disappear by the end of its course.

If you’re planning to purchase a home, or undertaking projects that require careful consideration of details and extra time to get done, it would be prudent to wait until Mercury returns direct before acting. Likewise, any time-sensitive tasks should allow more time.

Mercury Retrograde can make interactions between loved ones more volatile, with disagreements and misunderstandings becoming more likely. Try to refrain from initiating conversations that could potentially become emotional or contentious and remain patient as everyone adjusts to new ways of communication.

No matter your beliefs in astrology, Mercury Retrograde is an ineluctable cosmic force and cannot be controlled or altered. Although Mercury Retrograde provides an excellent opportunity to assess life goals and plan, now may not be the right time for setting major milestones or initiating major life changes.

Mercury Retrograde doesn’t come without its benefits, however. By taking a step backwards and giving yourself time for reflection, Mercury Retrograde could bring opportunities to rediscover old hobbies, rethink relationship goals or revisit professional projects that may have fallen by the wayside. Plus if you were born during Mercury Retrograde it may help foster philosophical and reflective qualities which can aid you in processing complex ideas more easily.

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