Funny Facts About China

China boasts a rich history and large population. Not only is China home to one of the world’s highest population densities; its culture boasts unique and strange facts that will leave visitors scratching their heads! Fortune cookies were not invented in China; rather they first surfaced at a San Francisco noodle factory in 1920. Fortune …

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Weird Facts About Human

From outer space to within your body, there are so many things to be amazed by! Here are some bizarre human facts that will make you appreciate yourself even further: Your feet contain 25% of your bones; your tongue has eight interwoven muscles; and every 10 years your skeleton replaces itself completely. 1. The human …

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3 Facts About Egypt

Egypt is an incredible land filled with rich history. It is truly one of the world’s most intriguing nations. Egypt boasts three coastal waters: The Nile, Mediterranean and Red Seas. Ancient Egyptians believed in numerous gods, and if any were offended it could cause serious mischief. 1. It is the oldest country in the world …

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