What Is Mars?

Is There Life on Mars?

Many people are fascinated with the idea that there could be life on Mars. It is one of the most important questions in science. Over the years, scientists have studied various aspects of the planet, including its terrain. Observations have revealed that Mars has a diverse landscape, including canyons, volcanoes and craters. What is Mars? …

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Mars Planet Discovery

Mars has been a mysterious planet to astronomers for centuries. It’s always been thought to be moonless but in 1877 astronomer Asaph Hall discovered two natural satellites called Deimos and Phobos. These were the first observations of a planet outside our solar system. Over time, more and more discoveries have helped to change our understanding …

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What Is Mars?

Mars is one of the most popular planets in science fiction and has inspired generations of writers. It is also the only planet on which scientists have ground-based rovers and landers that transmit data. Despite its thin atmosphere, which is less than 1% that of Earth, liquid water appears to have existed on the surface …

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Information on Mars

Mars is a dynamic planet that undergoes well-defined seasons, similar to those on Earth. The first accurate telescopic observations of the disk of the planet were made by the Italian astronomer Galileo in 1610. It wasn’t until robotic spacecraft began observing Mars in the 1960s that scientists began to learn more about it. What is …

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