Spacecraft RV for Sale

Space Craft Manufacturing of West-central Missouri takes an open approach to designing custom trailers. While keeping within weight and cost constraints, their team will construct everything from your dream home on wheels to circus folk living quarters or an extensive semi-trailer carrying lithium-ion battery banks powered by solar panels.

What is a Spacecraft RV?

Spacecraft manufactures custom RV trailers ranging in size from 30′ to 57′. Their team of in-house professionals handle everything, paying special attention to details that other manufacturers often overlook – like building strong foundations that will withstand hauling a massive fifth wheel over long distances, rather than crumbling under weight and pressure.

Campers by Choice is capable of creating any kind of camper imaginable, from traditional slide-in truck campers to luxurious RV living rooms, complete with any cabinets, floorplan and paint job required for customers’ specific specifications – including even installing vent-free propane fireplaces at buyer request!

Custom-tailored RVs command a premium that surpasses mass-produced models, yet buyers seem willing to pay. Customers include full-time RVers, weekenders, circus and carnival workers, contractors and movie production crews who require mobile RVs that can meet their unique requirements in terms of both versatility and customization.

What is a Spacecraft Semi-Trailer?

Missouri-based Spacecraft custom builds enormous 40 to 57 foot trailers to your specifications, outfitted with whatever cabinets, floorplans and features you consider necessary for road travel enjoyment.

This company does not advertise, yet they attract an array of clients including retirees, circus folk and contractors. All their units feature custom-welded chassis with fiberglass roof panels molded specifically to each unit for easy cleaning as well as four-season basement insulation designed to accommodate large holding tanks.

Spacecraft trailers also boast a fully ducted ventilation system and superior materials not found in many RVs, such as their slide-out rooms which utilize one sheet of fiberglass covering the entire area without a single screw or joint in sight – adding to their strength, durability, ease of clean-up, weather resistance and rough roads resistance.

What is a Spacecraft Travel Trailer?

When shopping for a luxury mobile home-on-wheels, there is an array of choices available – from expensive fifth wheels to customized trailers produced by specialty manufacturers.

Spacecraft of North Carolina stands out as an innovative company, creating custom homes-on-wheels for an array of clients including full-time RVers, circus performers and movie production companies.

Each customized trailer is tailored specifically to the owner’s specifications. This allows them to include residential-grade features like tile floors and dual-pane windows that don’t typically appear in trailers designed to be pulled by personal vehicles.

Custom-designed RVs generally require a one-ton towing vehicle and typically cost significantly more than mass-produced models sold off the lot. Construction also takes much longer; in some instances taking over one year. Spacecraft provides personalized service by encouraging clients to test drive their trailer prior to hitting the open road – in addition to designing what the client wants.

What is a Spacecraft Fifth Wheel?

Space Craft specializes in custom fifth wheels ranging in length from 30′ to 57′ and customizing them to meet customers’ exacting specifications. Their expert consultants interview prospective customers, provide design and layout options and try to understand exactly what customers desire in an RV of their own design – something which attracts circus folk and carnival workers to Space Craft brand products.

Space Craft’s standard features prioritize quality and practicality over flashiness. Molded fiberglass ceilings add durability and functionality to the living spaces of their trailers while being easier to clean than standard front bedroom ceilings; further, these ceilings come equipped with in-ceiling ductwork to enhance air circulation.

Spacecraft fifth-wheel trailers are built-to-order and boast incredible quality construction. Their extensive amenities suite any lifestyle while their designs ensure maximum resale value – this combination makes Spacecraft fifth-wheels an excellent choice for full-time and part-time RVers, contractors and movie production companies.

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