Spacecraft Camper – The Ultimate in Luxury

Spacecraft campers represent the height of luxury camping, reserved only for those with the funds available to buy one. A typical 57-foot trailer may cost close to $300,000.

These massive homes on wheels are constructed by a small company which takes great pride in customer service, working closely with clients to design an appropriate floorplan that best meets their needs.


Space Craft trailers differ from standard RVs by being custom-built and designed with luxury and durability in mind. Their features, such as their fully molded fiberglass ceiling that makes cleaning easier, solar panels capable of producing up to 50kWh a day and garages large enough to hold an electric car, make them truly special.

The company manufactures between 10-15 trailers annually and they are booked out a year ahead. Their attention to detail sets them apart from other manufacturers; however, their cost can be higher.

Spacecraft trailers often weigh as much as semi-trucks, requiring a large truck to pull them. Furthermore, these luxury features and options tend to drive up costs significantly as well as being equipped with heavy specialized tires – further increasing weight.


NASA and its contractors are developing concepts of what a crewed mission to Mars might look like in several decades’ time. One design developed by Lockheed Martin features a modular vehicle with multiple sleep stations and work spaces, plus a garage capable of housing small electric vehicles.

Space Craft Manufacturing of West-Central Missouri operates with an “anything-is-possible” attitude towards custom trailer production. Staff meticulously interview each client regarding their road-rambling lifestyle before offering all possible designs for consideration.

Spacecraft RV manufactures an array of RVs ranging from front kitchens to three-bedroom layouts, each one distinguished by the superior craftsmanship found throughout each piece. Their focus on detail sets their products apart, such as providing easy access to components and leak-proof construction; additionally they use fiberglass ceilings with taller bedroom heights than those found in most fifth wheel trailers.


Spacecraft campers offer luxurious camping experience for its passengers. This RV features sleeping, working, and exercise stations as well as life support systems and other amenities based on NASA’s Orion crew capsule and Deep Space Gateway’s planned lunar orbit space station design.

SpaceCraft is a family-run company that designs and builds up to 15 trailers annually, without doing any advertising or marketing. Customers have their choice from various options like custom furniture and appliances; as well as an attractive molded fiberglass ceiling that adds function, durability, and style.

Spacecraft trailers are specifically engineered for towing by semi-trucks, so they tend to be heavier than other RVs. Their custom construction also means they can meet each customer’s individual specifications; and feature welded chassis construction and fiberglass ceiling that contribute to its weight.


Spacecraft RV trailers are an excellent option for long distance travelers who prioritize comfort while on the move. These custom-built units have proven durable enough to endure for 30+ years of travel, making this choice suitable for those who value durability.

Spacecraft Manufacturing began by manufacturing slide-in truck campers but has expanded into offering luxury fifth wheels as well. Additionally, Spacecraft offers customized trailers to travelers including traveling performers and business people alike – especially circus folk who require sturdy transportation solutions capable of supporting everything from dancing orangutans to big cats!

The solar panels on this trailer can generate up to 50kW daily and it features a large lithium-ion battery bank to keep its 57-foot beast fully powered while away from an electrical source. You can plug it in using an AC outlet, generator or the alternator of the tow vehicle; its Starlink internet subscription also provides steady streams of data; monthly fees can even be suspended when not traveling.

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