Funny Tiger Facts

Tigers are powerful wild animals, capable of weighing over 1000 lbs and being capable of killing prey with one stroke. Their tongue has bristles which enable them to scoop more water while drinking. One of the most amazing tiger facts is their unique stripes – like human fingerprints, they can even be spotted when their …

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Fun Fact About Tiger Senses

Tigers are powerful wild cats that captivate people worldwide. While these magnificent predators may be one of the world’s most formidable animals, they’re also extremely mysterious and captivating creatures. Tigers are fascinating animals with many interesting facts ranging from antiseptic saliva and false eyes on the backs of their ears to having antimicrobial properties and …

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Fun Facts About the Tiger

Tigers are captivating animals that captivate human imagination. Their size, strength, and beauty have long been revered; yet there may be some interesting facts you didn’t know about! Tigers differ from domestic cats in that they do not purr. Instead, they communicate through scent markings, urine markings and facial expressions; their roar serves to mark …

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