Best Songs About the Moon Phases

Best Songs About the Moon Phases

From ancient times, the moon has held a special place in the hearts of music artists. Songs, fictional stories, nursery rhymes, jewelry pieces and artwork have all been inspired by our planet’s satellite.

The moon’s phases have inspired many romantic songs, such as The Marcels’ “Blue Moon”.

Moonage Daydream by David Bowie

Moonage Daydream is an immersive journey that delves into David Bowie’s life through interviews, music and visual imagery. Directed by Brett Morgen (Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck, Crossfire Hurricane), this fascinating documentary offers viewers a rare insight into Bowie’s creative, musical and spiritual evolution.

Unlike other biopics, this one doesn’t follow a linear narrative or utilize traditional talking heads. Instead, sections of the film unfold like concert tapings.

In addition to its stunning music, this captivating odyssey is narrated by Bowie himself. This insightful look at his life will leave viewers with an indelible impression.

Through Moonage Daydream, Bowie is shown in all his various personas – from Ziggy Stardust to the well-groomed GQ man of the 1980s. From androgynous rocker to meditative Buddhist chanter – as his career and evolution are explored like never before.

Moonlight by Grace VanderWaal

Grace VanderWaal, America’s Got Talent winner and breakout star in pop music, has made a name for herself. Her debut album Just the Beginning serves as an excellent showcase of her distinctive voice.

Her lyrics are filled with strong messages that she feels are essential for others to hear. Her upbeat attitude shines through in each song she composes.

The song, which is the first single off Just the Beginning, has an uptempo beat that will have you wanting to dance. Additionally, it’s easy to listen to and will boost your self-esteem.

Fender is thrilled to present this talented young artist with a pair of ukuleles bearing her name. As the youngest recipient of their signature instrument, she serves as an incredible role model and inspiration to many upcoming ukulele players and songwriters.

Pink Moon by Nick Drake

Pink Moon is Nick Drake’s final studio album, recorded over two nocturnal sessions. It is a sparse collection with only Drake playing guitar and one overdub – a piano part floating over the title track.

Before Pink Moon, He had released two albums – Five Leaves Left and Bryter Layter – both unsuccessful in the UK. It wasn’t until after its inclusion as a hit in a Volkswagen car commercial that it gained critical acclaim.

His music captivates with a certain stillness, almost childish in its simplicity and elemental in its imagery.

His earlier albums, where his voice was often overpowered by strings, show Drake at his most honest. Here he plays an acoustic guitar alone in a deserted studio at night.

At 26 years old, his death from an overdose of antidepressants two years after its release left his legacy unappreciated at the time. But over time his songs became iconic and went platinum posthumously – making it essential listening for any fan of music, no matter their mood.

To the Moon by Phora

California rapper Phora transforms Chicago’s Subterranean into a sea of brilliant lights as he finishes up his Bury Me With Dead Roses tour to an adoring crowd at its smallest venue.

Phora’s music is powerful and has been inspired by his experiences of surviving a stabbing and two shootings. His latest single, “Holding On,” shows this sentiment perfectly.

Phora’s emotionally charged track demonstrates that even after a breakup, she still has the talent and drive to keep moving forward. His music is infectious, capable of uplifting anyone who listens.

Phora’s single “I’m Devoted To You Forever” outlines an oath he makes to both angels and demons alike: “I pledge my devotion forever, trust that we will grow together.” His forthcoming album Yours Truly Forever will be released August 18th if you haven’t already heard of him – be sure not to miss it!

Moonlight Sacrifice by Echo & The Bunnymen

Echo & The Bunnymen were one of the most significant acts in post-punk music history. Their albums Crocodiles and Heaven Up Here remain classic classics within this genre, still inspiring many modern musicians today.

Echo & The Bunnymen’s popular song, “Moonlight Sacrifice Ritual,” celebrates both the beauty of the moon but also warns that its time is short-lived, soon to be gone forever.

Despite this, the song is truly stunning and beautifully captures the beauty of the moon in an eerie manner. It would make a great accompaniment for a quiet night at home or just before hitting the hay.

Although this record is relatively recent, it has an old school vibe. Fans of Venom, Nifelheim, Dark Funeral and early Emperor (minus the keyboards) will surely enjoy it.

Moonrise by Radiohead

Radiohead are known for crafting songs that are both captivating and terrifying, and their latest album A Moon Shaped Pool continues this trend.

This new album by Radiohead brings together intricately-crafted songs that recall classic Radiohead favorites, with their signature approach to songwriting – twisted vocals, blissfully filtered string arrangements and delicate pianos. Plus it delves deep into Radiohead’s extensive backlog of rarities and obscure fan favorites for even deeper listening pleasure.

With songs such as Burn the Witch, filled with horror movie string stabs and Daydreaming – which allows listeners to immerse in dreamy cinematic Radiohead at their finest – this album is stunning from beginning to end.

What’s more, this collaboration was made possible by two young sons of Radiohead guitarist Thom Yorke and Iron Maiden bassist Janick Gers – Noah Yorke and Dylan Gers. Recently, they released their first collaborative song entitled Red Skies.

Moonlight by Janis Joplin

The moon is a beacon of hope and light that guides us forward. Janis Joplin sings about its beauty as well as how it can protect us from heartache in this blues-rock song.

This song’s lyrics are captivatingly beautiful, transporting you into space. It pays a fitting tribute to the moon and gives you a feeling that you’re right there on its surface, taking in its breathtaking sights.

Brooks & Dunn’s “Neon Moon” is another stunning track that captures the moon’s beauty. This song speaks of lonely nights illuminated by neon signs as no one else can see you under their neon glow.

This song is perfect for those going through difficult times, and it’s one of the best songs about moon phases. It has a beautiful message that can get your emotions out there and help you heal.

The Moon by Grateful Dead

The Moon by The Grateful Dead is one of the classic songs about moon phases. Released as part of their 1989 album Built to Last, it remains a fan-favorite decades after its initial release.

This record, like many of Grateful Dead’s other albums, featured an alternative sound to their signature style. It featured distorted electric guitars and rocking organ sounds that were heavily influenced by other popular music trends at the time.

It also included some of their more experimental tracks – many co-written by Jerry Garcia and lyricist Robert Hunter, such as Foolish Heart and Just a Little Light. The latter featured an epic instrumental interlude that perfectly complemented the Dead’s freewheeling style of play.

Brent Mydland also composed two relatively brief ballads for the album, which proved more memorable despite their cutesy lyrics than most of the other songs on offer.

Moon Party by The Police

The Full Moon Party is an annual gathering on Hat Rin beach in Koh Phangan that draws up to 30,000 tourists.

Since its humble beginnings, the Full Moon Party has seen exponential growth in popularity. Unfortunately, with increased crowds comes an increase in seediness – including gang violence, rapes and drownings.

Every year, thousands of crimes occur at parties around the country – from spiked drinks to thefts and sexual assaults – but often go undetected.

Due to a lack of health and safety regulations, there have been an array of serious accidents at parties such as bus crashes and overloaded speedboats.

British tourists have suffered injuries or deaths at Full Moon Parties. For instance, Stephen Ashton was shot and killed during a party on Haad Rin in January 2013.

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