Planet Similar to Earth Found in the Habitable Zone of a Star

Astronomers have discovered a planet the size of Earth which orbits its host star within the habitable zone – meaning its surface could support liquid water life. Astronomers in search of alien life will take heart in this discovery, which indicates that rocky planets are far more widespread than previously assumed. Kepler-1649c Astronomers using data […]

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Why is the Sky Blue?

When sunlight reaches Earth’s atmosphere, it bounces off of molecules. The air molecules scatter light — just like billiard balls do when they collide. The shorter the wavelength of the light, the more it gets scattered. This is why the sun’s light looks blue. Sky Blue Is Due to Rayleigh Scattering Sky blue is a

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Mintakan Planet

Mintaka is a peaceful planet infused with love, light, wisdom, and glistening diamond-like waters. Unfortunately, this paradise was destroyed by reptilians. Starseeds from Mintaka are intuitive and compassionate beings that incarnate on Earth to help guide humanity through ascension. They may be able to help you connect with your own spirituality and awaken your unique

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