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spacecraft rv for sale

When purchasing a spacecraft rv for sale, you are purchasing more than an RV; rather, it is like investing in your very own custom-built home on wheels!

Each Space Craft trailer is custom-built according to its buyer’s exact specifications, meaning its cost may be slightly more than similar trailers off an assembly line.


If you need a trailer that can hold the entire family, consider the Space Craft 57-foot fifth wheel RVs. Constructed to offer luxury and durability, these massive RVs can be driven on highways provided they comply with state laws; however, these larger trailers require a truck with enough horsepower to tow them.

Space Craft’s trailers are built specifically to each customer’s specifications, and cost more than mass-produced models due to personalized designs and upgrades as well as details such as superior construction. Their slide-out rooms are constructed entirely from fiberglass rather than using rows of screws like most competitors do – an advantage over mass-produced trailers.

Space Craft customers love paying for customized, residential-style trailers from Space Craft that they can enjoy for years. Unfortunately, however, waiting lists tend to be lengthy; if you have enough money it may still be worthwhile!


SpaceCraft, as a small family-run business, does all their work in-house. Employing in-house welders, electricians, painters, fabricators and insulators enables them to maintain the highest possible quality standards while keeping costs as low as possible for circus folk who don’t have time for repairs; SpaceCraft puts great emphasis on durability and longevtiy for maximum value for their products.

These massive fifth wheels are engineered to withstand both weather conditions and road wear and tear. For instance, the 57-foot model boasts an insulated roof with fiberglass sidewalls and 1 inch of polystyrene insulation; as well as two 31,000 Btu furnaces and dual 15,000 Btu air conditioners.

SpaceCraft can tailor their trailers to suit the buyer’s unique specifications, such as choosing their slide-out room size and options such as cabinetry wood (birch, maple walnut or cherry) with stain options; selecting from fully ducted fiberglass ceiling options or selecting flooring materials like tiles or wall coverings from among a selection of flooring, furniture upholstery or wall coverings.


Space Craft’s primary concern as a mother-and-son operation is durability. They understand circus folk don’t have time for trailers that break down or can’t support an army of dancing orangutans; therefore their 57-foot fifth wheel trailers are tailored specifically to customer specifications.

Customization begins by choosing an RV’s length, height, and number of slide-outs. Next comes choosing options for its interior design and cabinetry as well as selecting how many bedrooms, bathrooms and living space is desired by the customer.

Space Craft’s in-house manufacturing approach places immense value on quality and attention to details that other manufacturers often disregard. They designed their own frames, paying special attention to underpinnings of trailers. While other companies often assemble slide-out rooms from multiple joints joined together with screws, Space Craft builds its slide out rooms from single sheets of fiberglass using stronger mounting techniques than competitors.


As one might expect, Space Craft trailers are extremely costly and big – up to 57 feet long! Most are passed down within families or sold privately without ever reaching the public market, yet for those able to afford one the value is unrivaled.

These large RVs offer luxurious accommodations. With three bedrooms and a king-sized master bed, as well as many offering full length wet baths, these large vehicles make a perfect vacation choice for large families looking to discover new places together.

Space Craft produces only 10-15 units annually, but are often booked a year in advance. Without much advertising to speak of (except an exhibit at Tampa RV show most years), this family owned and operated business run by Marsha Trautman and her son Wyatt is usually kept busy delivering customer-specific designs before building trailers to meet those specifications with laminated aluminum-framed walls and 1 1/2 inch polystyrene insulation for insulation.

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