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The Moon Phase Yesterday

The Moon has a complex cycle of phases. Each cycle takes 29.5 days to complete, according to the Lunar and Planetary Institute. The first phase is […]

How Often Does the Moon Phase Change?

The moon orbits Earth once every 29.5 days, and as it does so, the illuminated portion of its surface changes. This happens because of the moon’s […]

When’s the Next Moon Phase?

The moon goes through a cycle of phases that change our view based on its position in relation to Earth and the sun. This cycle repeats […]

How Are the Moon Phases Caused?

The Moon goes through a cycle of phases each month that changes our view of it based on its position in relation to the Earth and […]

The Moon Phases Rap

The Moon changes shape each night as it moves through its 29.5 day orbit around Earth. These changes are called phases, and they can be confusing […]

Moon Phases in October

October is full moon month, and on October 9 the Hunter’s Moon will reach peak illumination. It’s also known as the Harvest Moon for its association […]

Those Born Under the Moon Waning Gibbous Phase Are Intellectually Sophisticated and Communicative

If you’ve ever seen the moon late at night or in the morning, you’ve probably noticed it in its waning gibbous phase. It looks just like […]

How Many Moon Phases Are There in a Month?

If you look at a calendar, you will see that there are a total of eight phases in one month. These are new moon, first quarter, […]

What Are the Phases of the Moon Cycle?

When the moon cycles around the Earth every 29.5 days, we see a different portion of it illuminated from our line of sight. This is called […]
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