Spacecraft Names

Astronauts had a tradition of giving astronauts the opportunity to name spacecraft beginning with Gemini program spaceships and ending with Skylab station missions. Now, NASA’s craft are named by a committee, although their names must still evoke an air of poetic profundity. A spacecraft is a type of spacecraft. Spacecraft are vehicles or vessels specifically …

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NASA’s Curiosity Spacecraft Landed on Mars

Unmanned spacecraft include satellite communications, weather and military surveillance satellites as well as telescopes. Landing on Mars can be an enormously complex challenge. NASA’s Curiosity rover demonstrated how difficult this task could be in 2012 by performing flawlessly through an incredibly complex sequence, including successfully deploying an elaborate sky crane system to lower itself onto …

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SpaceCraft Granular Synth

SpaceCraft can transform any sound into a musical instrument with its use of granular synthesis to generate textures, soundscapes and arpeggiated rhythms. Furthermore, its note grid enables control via either MIDI or MPE. Granite’s revolutionary engine combines cutting-edge granular processing technology with per-grain FX. This powerful virtual instrument facilitates creative flow while yielding immediate results, …

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Cassini – The Last Experiment

Cassini was a highly complex interplanetary spacecraft. Featuring 12 scientific instruments like imaging cameras, radar, spectrometers, magnetometers and spectrographs – its primary mission was to conduct in-depth studies of Saturn, its rings, and moons. Its orbiter was powered by three radioisotope thermoelectric generators (RTGs). These produced electricity using plutonium-238 decay. It was a joint NASA/ESA …

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