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games with cat

If you love cats, this 2D action game will surely delight. Leaping around procedurally generated environments and smashing whatever comes your way will provide ample destructive satisfaction – with virtual reality support providing even more immersive feline gameplay experience!

Stray is a hit game that’s connecting gamers and cat enthusiasts, letting players meow on command while parkouring through an emotional cyberpunk city storyline.


Dangles are toys designed to hang from above a cat’s head or on a rod and attract their attention by moving rapidly and frequently, creating movement and movement that attracts cats’ interest. Dangles can also be used as training aids when teaching your cat to put its paws on your hand or shoulder and provide fun floor playtime entertainment! Dangles come in all colors and materials imaginable but care should be taken when selecting ones without small parts that could potentially be swallowed; kittens in particular should avoid those featuring threads or strings when buying Dangles to ensure safe playtime!

Many video games designed specifically for cats have received great acclaim on the Internet. One such title, Cat Quest (2017 award winner), follows a male feline protagonist on his travels across the globe killing dragons while helping citizens. It offers relaxing artistic design and adorable gameplay, with proceeds donated to organizations dedicated to animal welfare.

Purrrlock Holmes is another video game designed for cats that features an animal twist to Sherlock Holmes. Players become inspectors at Scotland Pound and help kitty consulting detective hunt down Furriarty. While downloading is free, additional in-app purchases may be necessary to unlock certain options in-game.

Tabletop games designed specifically for cat lovers abound. From brain-teasing exercises in herding cats to adorable card games focusing on keeping as many kitty meeples happy, there are plenty of tabletop games aimed at feline fans who wish to keep them happiest. There are even cat-themed board games with multiple feline heroes and heroines; some based on popular internet memes; while others provide relaxing feline experiences.

Paper bags

Paper bags offer an easy and entertaining way to engage your cat in fun games. Fill them with treats or use them as hiding spaces for toys; just be sure to remove their handles as these could pose a choking hazard for cats. Alternatively, wrap a stick or string around one end and wave it above their head, taunting them to jump and try to catch it; alternatively place small toys or bells inside that make an audible noise when hitting against its sides.

Stray offers two early locations where players can discover paper bags. One is in Momo’s apartment, while the other near a robot that rests against a wall in the Slums. When players interact with these paper bags they become visible to players when interacting with it; placing one on Momo’s cat will unlock Curiosity Killed the Cat trophy/achievement; however this interaction may temporarily invert controls for an undetermined length of time so players should wait before engaging further exploration in Stray.

Cats are skilled at finding ways to puzzle out new things and can quickly become fascinated with figuring out new games. Homemade puzzle games can provide your pet with much-needed mental stimulation while entertaining them at the same time! You can use simple items found around your house such as cardboard boxes and paper bags to craft these homemade games; turning one of them into a cat puppet using this craft could make a perfect craft activity for preschoolers, C is for Cat units or any cat lover!


A long string of yarn can provide hours of fun when playing games with cat. A variety of string figures can be created using this simple game, enabling children to practice dexterity by working either individually or collaboratively with others to form intricate figures on string figures. Plus it requires concentration and fosters perseverance – an ideal activity for family road trips or classroom lessons!

Played across cultures around the world, though its exact roots remain elusive, string figures have long been popular pastimes for anthropologists such as Alfred C. Haddon and William H. Rivers who developed terminology to collect and document them more easily.

Mom’s Minivan’s video will teach you how to play a two-person version of Cat’s Cradle, an analog string game with circular patterns played with both wrists tied together with string looped around their respective wrists, then passing between hands to form different shapes with both regular string and elastic string.

Ping pong ball

Ping-pong balls are popular toys among cats. They’re affordable, lightweight and provide hours of entertainment – whether used with feathers and strings attached for added fun – in bathtubs, hallways or any other open area where your cat has enough room.

Video has recently gone viral of a cat playing ping-pong with its owner, an impressive and amusing sight to behold. In it, viewers watch as the cat bats the balls with its paws to try and catch them before it bounces across the floor – sure to amaze viewers who marvel at his skill! The video’s success surely impresses and delights viewers who marvel at its meow-some skills!

As prey for wild cats is typically fast moving and easy to capture, they naturally gravitate toward balls and other toys that move. While ping-pong balls may provide fun for cats, they also improve agility and provide an outlet for energy release. It should be noted however, that young cats or kittens should not be given these balls due to potential injury if swallowing them.

To play this game with your cat, start by waving the mouse in front of them to gain their interest. When they have their gaze fixed upon it, slowly drag it across the floor or use your hand to wiggle and poke the mouse to keep them engaged – your cat may even decide to pounce upon and catch it!

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