Spacecraft Definition – What is a Spacecraft?

Spacecraft are vehicles designed to travel beyond Earth’s atmosphere and explore space, such as other planets or orbits, before returning home again. Spacecraft may be either manned or unmanned. Propulsion usually comes in the form of rocket engines which use hot gases ejected out in opposite directions to change their trajectory. Definition Spacecraft refers to

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What is a Spacecraft Bus?

Spacecraft buses or satellite platforms form the core of satellites, handling essential functions like power, propulsion, communication and attitude control. The Webb telescope’s Spacecraft Bus was an octagonal structure constructed to house its engineering subsystems. Powered by software commands sent from Earth via radio signals, its main purpose was to perform multiple functions for operations

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What is Greece Known For?

Greece is widely acknowledged for being one of the sunniest countries in Europe and for its white and blue buildings, feta cheese production, ancient history and as the place where democracy first emerged. Greece boasts an abundance of archaeological sites and museums that are recognized by UNESCO, while its art has inspired generations of European

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What Eats a Starfish?

There are a lot of creatures who feed on starfish! Unfortunately, some are extremely unpleasant; for instance, the harlequin shrimp is an aquatic crustacean which feeds on various sea life, including starfish! This animal captures its prey by expanding its stomach around it and then swallowing it whole. They may drop an arm when feeling

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What Does a Cheetah Eat?

Cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus) are among the most enthralling big cats of Africa. These elegant predators feature yellow or tan short coarse fur with solid black spots, small heads with high-set eyes, teardrop-shaped facial streaks and tear-like patches along their cheeks. Hunters in open savannah or grassland habitat hunt by day, using their incredible speed to

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