What is Made of Plastic?

Plastics can be divided into various classes according to the chemical process used during their creation and their physical properties, including their colour, clarity and flexibility. Naphtha is decomposed thermally in a steam cracker to produce light hydrocarbons known as major intermediaries such as olefins and aromatics that will then be fed into a factory […]

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What is a Blood Moon?

The Moon is currently passing through Earth’s shadow, known as its umbra. While direct sunlight may be blocked out by this phenomenon, our atmosphere scatters red light that produces an amber-hued hue on its surface that gives off a coppery-red tinge to give a coppery-red radiance for our nearest neighboring body of water. This will

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Mental Health Professionals – What Do They Do?

Psychologists are mental health professionals with postgraduate qualifications in psychology who work with clients from diverse genders, sexual orientations, age groups and neurotypes. Psychologists focus on understanding their clients’ issues at their roots before helping them make positive changes that enhance wellbeing. Psychologists do not prescribe medication, but can work alongside your GP to develop

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What Does Spacecraft Mean?

Spacecraft are vehicles designed to transport people or cargo into space using rocket propulsion. Their primary use is leaving Earth’s gravity for other planets within our Solar System; those aboard such spacecraft are known as astronauts or cosmonauts. Orbital spacecraft resemble capsules or spaceplanes in shape and function. Reusable or expendable versions exist. Each requires

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What Happens When a Spacecraft Blows Up?

Space can be an unpredictable place; we’re continually losing pieces of vehicles that exploded on-orbit or experienced violent separation during orbit. Probably the best-known example was when Challenger disintegrated shortly after launch in 1986, killing its crew due to an O-ring failure and rubber seal separation issues on its booster rockets. Debris Researchers still are

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