Mars Planet in Hindi

mars planet in hindi

Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and is about half the size of Earth. It has a thin atmosphere composed of carbon dioxide.

The surface of Mars appears reddish due to the presence of iron oxide minerals. Its climate is driven by seasonal changes in its carbon dioxide ice caps, the exchange of water vapour between the surface and the atmosphere and dust storms.

Physical Appearance

Mars, also called the Red Planet, is a celestial body in the solar system. It is the fourth planet from the Sun and the second-smallest in size, a fraction larger than Mercury. It has a thin atmosphere and features impact craters, valleys, dunes and polar ice caps on its surface.

It has two moons, Phobos and Deimos. It is named after the Roman god of war, Mars.

Generally, people are ruled by the planet Mars when they have it in their horoscope. It is one of the most powerful and dynamic planets in astrology.

The planet Mars is a fiery red colored planet that represents courage, strength and leadership. It also rules the qualities of warriors and sportsmen. It is known for its strong impulsive nature and savage qualities.

In Vedic astrology, Mars is considered to be the god of energy and force. It symbolizes a person’s passion, anger and war. Its placement in the horoscope can create disharmony and adverse effects on the life of a native.

Afflicted with a weak or malefic Mars, the native may become rash and temperamental. He may be quarrelsome and hostile, and he will take aggressive steps against his opponents.

He will also be prone to diseases and suffer from ill-health. This will hinder his social activities and cause problems in his professional life.

As per horoscope, people with weak or malefic mars will not be very successful in their career and will find it difficult to succeed in their business. They will have less patience in handling their financial affairs and will face problems relating to family.

They will also be unable to handle their relationships with their friends and relatives. This will also cause trouble in their love life.

Those who have weak or malefic mars in their chart should wear red coral jewellery to overcome its negative impact on the life of the native. It is also important for them to donate scarlet clothes, gold, copper and masoor lentils. They should also recite Hanuman Chalisa (devotional hymn addressed to Lord Hanuman) on Tuesdays, which will help them get rid of these problems.


Mars is one of the most powerful planets in the Indian astrology. It controls blood, bone marrow, veins in the neck, genitalia and female organs. It also influences tumours and piles.

As per the ancient Hindu mythology, Mars was born with a godly union of Shiva and Mother Earth. He was later known as Bhauma, the king of the planets.

According to the horoscope, every planet and constellation affects different organs of the body. So, diseases that occur on Mars in hindi are related to those organs.

Besides, diseases are triggered by the time and place when the disease-causing planets come in natal position or transit over the planet. As a result, the intensity of a disease increases.

In astrology, diseases are associated with the body, mind, and emotions. This is because each planet is associated with a specific set of capacities, emotions, and abilities. For example, Sun is the karaka of courage and strength to take on the challenge, while Mars is responsible for vigor.

The horoscope of a person is the depiction of all celestial bodies that have an effect on him at birth. It is a scientific system of analysis which identifies the nature of diseases based on the zodiac, planet, house and constellation of birth.

A strong Mars in the horoscope will give you the physical strength to face the challenges that come your way, while a weak Mars may lead to mental and emotional problems. The best way to avoid diseases is by keeping a healthy diet and exercising regularly.

Some of the common diseases that occur on Mars are ulcers, heat rashes, leprosy, burns, cuts and fever. They also cause headaches, stomach aches, blood pressure problems, infections of the lungs and chest, and a number of other ailments.

Another common problem is blood-related illnesses like anemia, blood clots and cancer. Afflicted Mars can also cause brain disorders, injuries, toxicity, pain, itching, and bleeding from the genitals or bones. It can also lead to diseases of the spleen, liver, kidney, and lungs. Moreover, Mars-related problems can also result from weakness of the immune system.

Mental Activity

Mars is dry, fiery and masculine by nature. It rules the signs Mesh or Aries and Vrischika or Scorpio. It is exalted at 28 degrees in Makara or Capricorn and debilitated at 28 degrees in Cancer or Karkata.

In Hindu mythology, Mars is identified with Lord Shiva and Mother Earth. He is also the God of War and Hunting, according to Western Astrology. He is called Kuja in Sanskrit and Sevvai in Tamil.

A native with a weak Mars in his horoscope can be very rash and impulsive. They are quarrelsome and prone to violence. They have a habit of taking revenge on their enemies. They may be prone to venereal diseases and stomach disorders.

They are easily stressed out and are very jealous of their friends and family members. They become very restless and have a lot of trouble sleeping.

As a result, they tend to get depressed and suffer from depression. They can also develop a tendency to have bad dreams.

On the other hand, a strong Mars can be quite a benevolent force. It can help the person achieve success in every field he/she aspires to.

If Mercury is in Antardasha in Mars Mahadasha, the person has a sense of urgency and decision-making can be quick. This Dasha gives good results but there is a danger of the person losing his wealth during this time.

However, if the person works wisely during this period, then he/she can get good benefits. This period is beneficial for the people who work on education and marriage.

In Hindu astrology, Mars is associated with the God Muruga, Subramanya, Kumaraswamy, Velayudham or Vadivel. He is also the Commander-in-Chief of celestial bodies and is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva.

Those with a weak Mars in their natal chart can also be prone to mental health issues like anger, depression and stress. These people tend to lose their temper and often end up engaging in fights since adolescence.

On the other hand, those with a strong Mars in their natal chart are more likely to have a positive attitude towards life. They can become very optimistic and can see the brighter side of situations. They can also be very good at dealing with problems.


Mars, also known as Mangal in hindi, is the fourth planet from the sun and it is reddish in appearance. The planet is associated with fire, action and raw energy. It rules qualities such as courage, leadership and dominance.

The planet also governs professions that require strength and power to perform successfully. Professions associated with this include gunners, military, policemen and firefighters. Others include electricians, brick assemblers, chemists and dentists.

It is also responsible for a few more mundane duties such as transport and delivery. Generally, the best professions for people born under this planetary alignment are those pertaining to land and property such as real estate agents and property dealers.

Aside from these, the planet also governs professions that utilise a lot of technology. The astro-science of this is that it enables the native to be a better and more efficient worker.

The most important function of this planetary alignment is that it enables the native to perform all the tasks related to his job with a high degree of success. In particular, he may be able to improve his efficiency in the most time-consuming tasks. This enables him to be more productive in his work and more satisfied with his payoffs. Besides, the planetary alignment may even lead to a higher pay scale as well. It is also believed that the most lucrative and rewarding careers can be achieved by those who are born under this astrological influence. Aside from this, the astro-science of this alignment is that it provides a sense of security to the native by making him feel safe in his surroundings.

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