How Tall is the Colosseum?

In contrast to earlier amphitheatres which dug into hillsides for support, the Colosseum was freestanding. Comprised of three stories surrounding an arena and eighty arches on each story; its bottom floor featured Doric and Ionic columns while its second-floor floors had Corinthian ones for additional support. Builders created the Colosseum on top of what had […]

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How Mercury Gets Into Water

Mercury released into the air from coal-fired power plants, burning household waste or mining ore deposits can reach soil and water resources where bacterial processes may transform it into organic mercury-methylmercury forms. Methylmercury travels up the food chain, poisoning fish and wildlife that humans then ingest as well as finding its way into our drinking

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How Earth Is Like Mercury

Like Mercury, rocky planets may undergo changes due to internal forces which push and pull at crustal material, creating landforms such as volcanoes, mountains, and canyons. These forces are known as tectonics and may contribute to landform formation such as volcanoes. Scientists have various hypotheses as to what caused Mercury’s scarred surface, one being its

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How to Pronounce Spacecraft in Spanish

Spacecraft are vehicles capable of traveling into outer space and operating there, typically used for purposes such as Earth observation, navigation and colonization of outer space. Spacecraft employ fuel cells to produce electricity in space. This technology was first employed during the 1960s to power United States spacecraft. Definition Spacecraft are vehicles designed to operate

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