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Cooke sent Thompson a list of artists she considered important. These included Andrew Wyeth – considered America’s greatest painter by some – and Peter Hurd, Wyeth’s wife’s brother-in-law who ran an Army Air Force art program during World War II.


Kids (and adults alike) find the coolest spaceships to be those seen sailing across outer space in movies, TV shows and comic books. These spaceships can inspire imagination while giving us that nostalgic feeling that brings back childhood.

Design options out there vary significantly – some feature futuristic curves while others feature sharp angles with satellite dishes jutting out from them. Both the Enterprise and Tie Fighter stand out for doing something unique and becoming iconic spaceships.

Spaceships with cool capabilities for exploring the outer solar system include those like the Rocinante from 2021’s Dune or Neil Blomkamp’s 2013 sci-fi flick Elysium wherein upper class earthlings escape to what looks like another planet-like station in space.

Space Shuttles

NASA operated its Space Transportation System from 1981 until 2011, consisting of an aircraft-like orbiter connected to two reusable solid rocket boosters and an external fuel tank, capable of transporting three astronauts and up to 20,000 pounds of cargo into low Earth orbit.

Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavour made 135 missions during which they docked with the International Space Station nine times and carried 355 astronauts aboard each. Furthermore, these orbiters delivered components into space for use aboard ISS and performed several repairs on Hubble Space Telescope.

John Glenn became the first American to orbit Earth with the Space Shuttle mission. Other notable astronauts who traveled on Space Shuttle missions included Mae Jemison and Guion Stewart Bluford, the first African-American men to make four trips into space on separate occasions.


Satellites (also referred to as artificial satellites) are machines that orbit Earth or another planet, like the Moon or Mercury. Some natural satellites exist; however, most people use the term to refer to manmade machines launched into space.

These machines serve an invaluable purpose for governments, businesses, and societies around the globe. They assist with communications, weather forecasting, research in various scientific disciplines as well as aiding communications between different locations around the globe.

These satellites monitor objects such as ocean currents, oil spills and wildfires; NASA’s Orbiting Carbon Observatory 2 or OCO-2 measures greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere to learn more about climate change.

Satellites also play an essential role in relaying television signals and phone calls between parts of the world, relaying TV programs or phone calls across vast distances. One satellite system known as Global Positioning System, or GPS, helps people find their way around Earth by pinpointing their exact position on Earth; other satellites carry cameras capable of taking pictures of our solar system and its planets.


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This animated cartoon provides an in-depth explanation of how a spacecraft captures an image in digital format, then sends it back to Earth for processing before reconstructing its original state using filters, pixels and math. See more great spaceship clipart by searching below the search bar or use our handy search feature! All rights are reserved by Clipart Incorporated Graphics Factory; All rights are reserved by us for these illustrations or vector graphics.

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