Choosing Spirit Horses Names

spirit horses names

Named appropriately, an appropriate spirit horse name expresses both owner and horse’s special relationship while also honoring its unique spirit and energy.

Spending the time to choose an apt spiritual name shows respect for horses and an understanding of their individual personalities, helping your article resonate with readers while increasing its value.


If you’re searching for a spiritual name to give your horse, there are numerous possibilities available to you. Selecting an appropriate moniker will give an understanding of their spirit while helping bring out its nobility. Names can represent spirituality or have personal significance; also make sure it fits well with their personality!

Spirit, from DreamWorks animated film Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, has become one of the most renowned spiritual horse names today. Based on a real life mustang story and teaching children about protecting America’s mustangs through animated media, this movie has become an international symbol for wild horses worldwide.

Spirit, a Kiger Mustang Stallion is at the center of this movie and plays an essential role in his herd’s care and protection. Spirit’s herd follows him wherever he goes despite being taken captive by US cavalry soldiers to work on a railroad line; during captivity he loses all sense of self-worth until a vision from home revives him with strength once again.

Spirit and Rain are overjoyed when they reunited; both were overjoyed at being back together after such a long separation. At first, Spirit wanted to go back home but Little Creek convinced him otherwise; she convinced Spirit that Rain should stay with them forever because she is such a faithful mare that it makes sense that Spirit would want her with him wherever he went.

Another spiritual horse name to consider is Xena from Hercules and Amazon Warriors movie franchise. This name is perfect for powerful fillies with fiery and determined spirits who possess fierce determination. Gabriel from the Bible also comes to mind as another option; Gabriel literally means “mighty man of God”. Choosing an appropriate spiritual name for your horse should be done carefully so as to find one that fits their character completely.

Native American

Native American tribes believed that each horse possessed its own spirit that must be honored, so they gave each horse unique names to recognize its spirit. This practice allowed owners and horses alike to connect more directly with the spirit of each animal – for instance, a courageous horse might be given the name “warrior,” while calmer animals might be named “spirit of peace.”

Naming your new pet Native American spirit horse can be an amazing way to show you care about their wellbeing and make them feel special. Your name could reflect their individual character or one that highlights specific features or traits like red color (such as being called “red thunder”) or beautiful fillies being named as such as being named “Spirit of the Sun”.

Native American Spirit horses are well-known for their courage and devotion to their owners. These remarkable horses will fight until the bitter end for those they care about – making them excellent companions during times of difficulty. It is only fitting that we honor these horses with an appropriate name worthy of them.

Your spiritual animal’s name can have an immense effect on your life. According to Shamanism, Horse is considered an animal with great power which helps reconnect you with spiritual energy and abilities as well as helping see things differently and deepen relationships with earthly matters.

Consider both the meaning and origin of your name when selecting one for your spirit horse. Cheta, which means black fox in Spanish, draws inspiration from their cunning nature. Other Native American spirit horse names that may fit include Keezheekoni which means burning fire and Jalan which means flute girl.

Native American spirit horse names can be as short or as long as desired; the only restriction being no more than 18 letters long so as to not cause confusion between horses.


Horses are revered in many cultures as sacred symbols that stand for strength, gentleness and intuition. Horses also represent strength and perseverance – making them an excellent good luck charm at wedding ceremonies! Their symbolism often used during these ceremonies can serve as good luck charms.

Horse hair has long been used as an emblem of protection and luck in certain cultures. Guinea has an age-old tradition where men dress in ceremonial attire ride a white horse dressed for ceremonial use that’s believed to bring wealth and happiness; these horse spirit animals help us learn to be present and aware in every moment of our lives.

Legendary spirit horses represent courage and power. Capable of overcoming great obstacles with ease, these horses make ideal partners for anyone searching for someone with strong spirits as a companion.

Name your Spirit Horse Something Meaningful And Special When choosing a name for your spirit horse, consider something meaningful and memorable to you. Your choice can have an enormous effect on their temperament and personality – so try choosing something from nature like Cimmaron or Kestrel that echoes its nature while others from legends or mythology like Lakota or Apache are ideal choices.

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron was an epic success that shed light on America’s wild horse population. Sierra (the horse in question in Spirit), who became its mother was raised pampered while Bonita (her grandmother) eventually ended up living free in the wild.

Festus, which hails from both the Bible and television show Gunsmoke, is an iconic name that represents both an ornery yet loyal horse with cheerful and generous personalities; therefore it makes an ideal name choice for spirit horses that wish to protect their families and friends.


When selecting a name for your horse, choose something that embodies its spirit and personality. There are many unique options available such as those drawn from nature, culture or mythology; you could even name him after a city such as Paris or Sydney! Such names would suit an energetic horse who can meet challenges head-on with grace and strength.

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron was inspired by Donner, a Kiger Mustang stallion captured from Oregon’s Kiger Herd Management Area and used as the inspiration for Spirit in Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. Donner was chosen due to his beautiful conformation, wide set eyes and thick multicolored mane and tail; animators studied Donner’s movements to ensure as realistic a performance as possible when portraying him on screen.

Spirit is helped on his journey by his herd of horses that accompany him throughout. While Strider died prior to Spirit’s journey beginning, his presence is mentioned several times throughout as the leader of Spirit’s herd; Spirit’s mother Esperanza appears throughout. Sierra and Rain join them along with three Lakota ponies who become his friends.

Naming your spirit horse may be challenging, but it is crucial that you select a name that embodies their spirit and persona. Take your time and be creative when selecting names – perhaps not on the first attempt but eventually you’ll come up with something suitable so you can begin your relationship with your spiritual horse on an auspicious note!

Spirit, an extraordinarily energetic horse, inspires millions worldwide. As an ambassador for wild mustangs and an educator on their importance to our ecosystems, he’s also a great role model for children and adults looking to take more active steps in their own lives.

Spirit loves working with children but also enjoys spending his days at the Return to Freedom Wild Horse Sanctuary in Bend, Oregon, interacting with fellow horses and receiving attention from his favorite humans.

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