The Lifespan of a Frog

Frogs are long-living amphibians that prefer moist environments. Certain species, like the green tree frog, can live for 15 years when kept captive. Within days, frog eggs emerge into tadpoles which feed on algae and plants as food sources. After some weeks, the tadpole develops hind legs and its tail disappears; additionally, it begins eating […]

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Facts About Spain

Spain is an attractive tourist destination and boasts an idyllic cultural atmosphere. Miguel de Cervantes first published Don Quixote here in 1574. France boasts 47 UNESCO World Heritage sites, such as entire historic cities and buildings. Additionally, La Tomatina food fight takes place every year here. Spanish is the second most-spoken language in the world

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The Amazing Eye

Eyes are among the most complex organs in our bodies, yet many don’t realize they can detect over a million colors! Or that they blink approximately 10,000 times each day? The eyes are testaments to evolution’s gradual refinement. Learn more about this amazing organ as well as a few easy strategies to maintain healthy vision

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Names For Horses – How to Choose the Right One For Your Horse!

Naming horses can be an overwhelming task. We have some helpful suggestions to make finding the perfect name easier! DreamWorks artists scoured real-life mustangs in search of inspiration for Spirit, an animated character they had created. Kiger quickly won hearts for both his beauty and strength. Isolde Isolde is an alluring Celtic name that symbolizes

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Playing Games With Cat

Cats require both mental and physical exercise in order to lead a long, healthy life. Playing games with your cat is an excellent way to bond while stimulating their minds! Try playing games that involve chasing or catching. These activities allow your cat to use his instincts for exploring, while helping prevent boredom. Paper bag

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