Interesting Facts on Japan

Japan is an incredible nation. From its delicious cuisine to its diverse cultural practices, there is much to discover here. Four-fifths of Japan is covered with breathtaking mountains and forests! Let’s learn more fascinating facts about this incredible nation. 1. It’s the world’s largest creditor nation Japan ranks among the world’s largest creditor nations as …

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Fun Facts About Egypt

Egypt is home to some of the world’s most iconic landmarks and an increasingly popular travel destination, but did you know it also has many surprising facts? Ancient Egyptians enjoyed playing board games. One such popular Senet variant, similar to knucklebones and snakes and ladders, was even used as burial remains by Pharaohs for afterlife …

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Funny Tiger Facts

Tigers are powerful wild animals, capable of weighing over 1000 lbs and being capable of killing prey with one stroke. Their tongue has bristles which enable them to scoop more water while drinking. One of the most amazing tiger facts is their unique stripes – like human fingerprints, they can even be spotted when their …

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Fact About China

China is one of the world’s most fascinating nations with an ancient past and diverse culture, boasting some of the oldest traditions on Earth and experiencing rapid development at an astounding rate. China is home to fascinating facts like: paper was first invented there; half of all world pigs live there and its railway lines …

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