Amazing Eyes

Human eyes are truly remarkable; anyone who has taken a visual acuity test knows that 20/20 vision is considered standard. Light enters our eyes through the cornea, which then focuses it. Next, our pupil — that central round opening in your iris’ colored part — changes size to allow in more or less light. The …

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Cool Facts About China

China is a rapidly emerging superpower with an intriguing culture and ancient traditions, boasting many fascinating facts to know about this fascinating nation. There are so many interesting details you should learn about! Chinese inventors created ping-pong and football (or soccer). Additionally, they pioneered toilet paper use. Chinese beliefs include lucky and unlucky numbers as …

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Fun Facts About Rabbits

Rabbits are fascinating animals that can serve as both pets, pests, and prey. With long ears and large front teeth, rabbits have incredible speed when running fast – an ability that comes in handy both as pets or prey! Some of their unique behaviors include: rubbing their chin on objects, social grooming and flopping when …

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Fun Games With Cat

If you love cats, this 2D action game will surely delight. Leaping around procedurally generated environments and smashing whatever comes your way will provide ample destructive satisfaction – with virtual reality support providing even more immersive feline gameplay experience! Stray is a hit game that’s connecting gamers and cat enthusiasts, letting players meow on command …

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