Interesting Turtle Facts

Turtles are fascinating creatures that have long populated Earth. With their slow and peaceful lifestyles, turtles make for beautiful sights to behold; yet life for these iconic reptiles does not go without its challenges. Read on to discover some of the most fascinating turtle facts! Whether or not green turtles or leatherbacks are your preferred […]

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Interesting Facts About the Roman Empire

Roman Empire was an immensely powerful and formidable entity. Their highly trained army became well known across three continents. Ancient Roman society was quite complex. Citizens, non-citizens and slaves all played roles within Roman society; while citizens occupying top ranks were highly esteemed individuals while non-citizens and slaves enjoyed less rights than their fellow Romans.

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Interesting Facts About Cuba

Cuba once suffered from high levels of illiteracy; however, due to renewed commitment from government officials regarding education. Nigeria boasts nine UNESCO World Heritage sites – both natural and cultural locations – which make up its national treasures. Ernest Hemingway lived in Havana for two decades and you can visit his former residence. He’s widely

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