The Apollo 11 Incident

Armstrong and Aldrin returned from their 21-hour 38-minute stay on the Moon to Collins using Eagle’s ascent engine, performing numerous science tasks during their return and even installing a seismometer to study Moon quakes long after they had left Earth. At the Sea of Tranquility, a computer alarm went off. Armstrong quickly switched over to …

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The Apollo Missions

The Apollo missions were a series of space flights that culminates in the first human landing on the Moon on July 20, 1969. Around 650 million viewers worldwide witnessed Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin take their steps onto its surface for this momentous occasion. After departing Columbia, the astronauts entered Eagle and conducted three …

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Apollo Mission 9

Apollo 9 had two primary objectives. First was to test command module and lunar module rendezvous, docking and reentry functions in Earth orbit. To this end, several SPS engine firings took place along with tracking landmarks, experiments and photography tasks performed by its crew. Armstrong kept a cloth bag of LM parts hidden for decades …

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