Spacecraft RV For Sale

If you are considering purchasing a Space Craft RV for sale, it’s essential that you recognize this is no ordinary vehicle – these massive fifth wheels can cost millions!

They are typically sold to traveling performers and carnival companies; however, they have also proven popular among contractors and film production teams.


Custom trailers by this company can be tailored specifically to each buyer, from altering floor plans to installing residential-style features. However, this level of personalization comes at an expensive cost; RVs may cost upwards of $300,000.

SpaceCraft’s 57-foot fifth wheel weighs 37,000 pounds dry and can transport 8,000 pounds of cargo. This massive RV offers a luxurious master suite and two bedrooms as well as an office, as well as residential appliances, an LG mini split HVAC unit, and premium finishes throughout its trailer.

Concordia RV in Concordia, Missouri custom builds RVs to order for individuals or groups. Their largest fifth wheels on the market can only be found here; no other company provides such long trailers. A semi-tractor must tow it while air brakes come standard requiring drivers to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). They specialize in building fifth wheels for traveling performers and fairgrounds so these trailers are built for longevity and durability.

Energy Efficiency

Space Craft trailers differ from traditional RVs in that they are constructed to be highly energy efficient, featuring features such as insulated windows and doors, high-efficiency HVAC system and residential plumbing that enable comfortable travel without wasteful energy usage. These amenities enable long distance living without excessive energy waste.

Window tinting options available from this company allow you to control how much light enters your trailer while maintaining airflow. Other energy-saving measures include installing solar power and selecting low-wattage appliances.

This company doesn’t advertise heavily, but they have found an audience among wealthy retirees and performers who spend months traveling on tour. Therefore, it may take up to one year before purchasing one of their massive 57-foot fifth wheels; of course you’ll also require a semi truck and possibly even special licensing such as non-commercial CDL license for haulage; yet you will receive an exquisite home on wheels that will provide decades of luxury living.

Interior Design

Spacecraft RVs set the bar high when it comes to interior design. The company specializes in full custom luxury fifth wheels that a semi-truck must pull, producing them at their massive warehouse on-site with welders, electricians, painters and fabricators to ensure everything meets high-quality standards.

These RVs boast features unavailable elsewhere, including easy-to-clean fiberglass ceilings molded directly onto them and front kitchens providing more room for cooking and living space.

Spacecraft fifth wheels typically cost over $300,000. However, this company offers customized designs tailored specifically to each buyer’s budget and individual needs. Spacecraft RVs have become a favorite choice of full-time RVers, circus and carnival workers, contractors and movie production companies alike; typically featuring three bedrooms including a king-sized master suite.


Spacecraft Manufacturing stands out in the world of luxury RVs due to their distinctive designs and functions. Their 57-foot fifth wheels are tailored specifically for each customer and include features like custom welded chassis, fiberglass ceiling/roof panels, suspended holding tanks for pass-through storage, as well as custom features like custom welding chassis.

Small but focused on satisfying their customer’s specific needs, the company provides both semi-trailers that must be pulled by semi trucks as well as smaller units that can be pulled by duallys and medium duty trucks. Furthermore, their trailers can also be seen being sold to movie sets as housing or business trailers or used within carnival industry as housing or business trailers.

RVs with luxurious features are expensive, making them inaccessible for most. Their high prices deter mass production; you may end up waiting a considerable time before your name appears on one! For those who can afford one however, these RVs make for excellent options for more rugged adventures or boondocking trips.

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