When’s the Next Moon Phase?

The moon goes through a cycle of phases that change our view based on its position in relation to Earth and the sun. This cycle repeats itself over a month.

Each of these stages starts with a full illuminated moon and ends with a waning phase where the amount of illuminated surface decreases as viewed from Earth. There are also ‘waxing crescent’, ‘waxing gibbous’ and ‘waning crescent’ phases in between.

Full Moon

As the Moon travels around Earth, it goes through a series of phases from a new moon to a full moon and then back to a new moon again. The amount of light that shines on the Moon changes, creating these phases.

A supermoon occurs when the Moon’s center is closer to Earth than normal (in astronomical terms, it’s near its perigee). It can appear as much as 14 percent bigger in the sky than at its farthest point, known as its apogee.

There are many ways to enjoy the full moon, from a simple manifestation ritual to meditation and more. Whatever you do, make sure you’re using it as a time to reflect and focus on what you want to release, celebrate, or manifest in the coming year.

Full moons are also a great time to meditate and clear your mind. They’re a good time to get in touch with your inner wisdom, and you may even notice that your meditations feel deeper and more fulfilling during this time.

New Moon

The new moon is a time of transition–the time when the Sun and Moon align to bring fresh energy to our world. As a result, people are often drawn to create new habits, start projects and initiate life changes around this time of the month.

But there are ways to tap into this energy and really take advantage of it, without losing sight of yourself or your goals. The best way to do that is to develop your own new moon rituals, like meditating, taking a yoga class or writing out a list of things you’d like to accomplish during the next new moon.

When the new moon occurs, a thin waxing crescent will appear in the evening sky after sunset. It’s a beautiful, magical moment that has inspired many cultures to revolve their ceremonies around this special event.

In addition to creating your own new moon rituals, be sure to pay attention to the other lunar phases throughout the year. Those will also give you a glimpse into what it’s like to be inside the universe. You can even use these phases to figure out the date of upcoming holidays, such as Easter and the Lunar New Year.

First Quarter

The first quarter, also known as a half moon, occurs when 50% of the Moon’s surface is illuminated by the Sun. This phase usually lasts three nights and is one of the primary moon phases.

The First Quarter is a significant time in the Moon cycle and can have an effect on people, especially those born under this phase. It’s a good time to take stock of your goals and begin working toward them again.

It can be hard for us to move forward with our dreams when we’re stymied by doubt or fear. The First Quarter is a good time to push yourself to get things done, regardless of the obstacles that may stand in your way.

If you were born on this phase, your personality will be characterized by action, expression and growth. It’s also a good time to break away from what isn’t serving you, and take the next step in your journey.

Last Quarter

The last quarter moon occurs after the full moon, and it’s the phase where the Moon loses half of its visible portion. The waning phases encourage us to reflect on changes and let go of the things that no longer serve us.

If you are feeling stressed out, the last quarter is a great time to take some time for yourself and practice meditation. This can help you to clear your mind and harness your energy.

In addition, it’s a good time to do cleansing rituals that will help you cut out the negative energy that is present in your life. These rituals will also help to cleanse your spiritual being and home.

This is a great time to review your goals and see what you need to change to achieve them. This will help you to make sure that you are living your best life.

This is a great time to do a zodiac meditation that will help you to understand what your current moon sign is and how it relates to you. This will help you to get a better idea of what you should be doing for the next quarter and will allow you to prepare for it in advance.

Waxing Crescent

A slim smile of the moon – the waxing crescent – appears in the western sky shortly after sunset. This phase occurs after the New Moon and is known as the first quarter phase.

In the astrological world, this phase symbolizes change and is a great time to get creative! During this period, you’ll start to see progress in your projects and goals.

If you’re someone who often avoids making big decisions or grabbing life by the scruff of the neck, the Waxing Crescent is a great time to set out on a new path! The universe has bigger plans for you than you can imagine, and this phase is an opportunity to bring these plans to fruition.

The first quarter phase is called a waxing crescent because the Sun’s rays begin to illuminate more of the Moon’s surface than during the New Moon, which makes it appear to be growing fatter. Unlike the new moon, however, only about half of the Moon’s disk is illuminated during the waxing crescent.

There are four main phases (New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon, and Last Quarter) and four secondary phases. The primary phases occur at a specific moment in time, but the secondary phases represent a span of time.

Waning Crescent

The waning crescent is the last Moon phase before the new Moon. It is usually seen on the night of the last Quarter Moon or just after it, and remains visible in the morning sky before setting in the afternoon.

During this phase, only a small part of the Moon’s disk is illuminated by direct sunlight. As it slowly shrinks, the lit side of the Moon reflects more and more of the Earth’s sunlit shadow.

To learn more about the phases of the Moon, you can consult almanacs and calendars or search online for information. The shapes of the letters that indicate waxing and waning are reversed in the Southern Hemisphere, so look for a crescent Moon in the shape of a backwards C (waxing) or a crescent Moon in the shape of an O (full).

As the waning crescent approaches the new moon, it is a time for reflection. During this time, it is important to celebrate accomplishments and take note of your strengths. It is also a good time to consider your dreams and goals for the future. The waning crescent is a powerful symbol of intuition, wisdom, birth, and death. Those born during this phase have a strong connection to their spiritual side and may receive insights through dreams and daydreams.

Neap Tide

The sun and moon are positioned more or less in the same position in space when they’re new or full. This means that the gravitational pull from both bodies on the Earth’s oceans increases.

This increased force, or “pull,” causes water levels to rise and fall. This is called a tide, and it affects a lot of people’s lives.

Tidal cycles occur twice a day in most places on the planet. That’s because the Earth rotates on its axis once a day, while the moon orbits the same direction.

Each day the moon’s gravity draws water from the ocean into and out of its own bulge, which creates high and low tides. These tides change about 50 minutes each day, as it takes 24 hours and 50 minutes for the moon to circle back around the Earth again (this is called a lunar day or tidal cycle).

The highest tides – those bringing flooding – happen at supermoons. These occur three or four times a year, and they often occur when the full or new moon closely aligns with a point in the moon’s orbit called perigee.

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