The Life Cycle of the Plants

Plants follow similar stages to humans: beginning as seeds and maturing into adults. Each seed encases a miniature plant inside. To germinate successfully, this miniaturised ecosystem requires water, warmth and oxygen for proper growth; once germinated it develops into a seedling before eventually becoming an adult plant. Seeds At the core of any plant’s lifecycle

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The Life Cycle of Plants

Germination (break-open of seeds) requires oxygen, water and temperature conditions that meet specific parameters for them to germinate (become open). This process is known as germination. Seedlings form roots and leaves to gather water, nutrients and sunlight for photosynthesis to produce food for themselves – this process helps them grow into mature plants which blossom

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Life Cycles in Plants

Plants, like people, undergo their own life cycle. Beginning as seeds containing everything needed for them to blossom into full-grown plants, the seeds are dispersed across the land by water, air or animals (except ferns and bryophytes ). When seeds reach soil with sufficient essential elements they undergo germination and begin growing into fully formed

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The Life Cycle of Plants

Students can act out the life cycle of a plant. Start by having students curl themselves into tight balls as seeds. Under optimal conditions, seeds sprout and become seedlings, before developing into mature plants producing flowers and setting seeds which are dispersed through wind, water or animals, continuing the cycle. Seed Every plant begins life

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Early Signs of Spring

Early spring brings new life and excitement in nature – from dozing frogspawn in park lakes to blackbirds’ raspy “onk-a-lee” song, as well as blooms like daffodils, crocuses and tulips appearing across woodlands and hedgerows. Tree buds blooming are an unmistakable sign of spring, while hazel catkins form long “lamb’s tails”. Birds Spring’s early signs

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