iDB Wallpapers of the Week – Mars Planet Wallpaper iPhone

Space, galaxies, stars and planets are recurring themes on iDB Wallpapers of the Week gallery. Today’s collection offers high-resolution images from NASA’s Mars Perseverance mission that bring this majestic red planet right to your desktop computer screen!

Tap and select an image you’d like as your wallpaper (swipe left and right to see different astronomical images), and set it as both Lock and Home screens’ wallpaper.


Space, galaxy and stars wallpapers are a frequent theme on iDB Wallpaper of the Week collection. This week we are looking at images sent back by NASA’s Mars 2020 mission of our red planet: these breathtaking pictures display its rugged landscape and vast depths of atmosphere – perfect for our iPhone home screens to help bring outer space closer. Download them free today to set your home screen aglow with wonder! Images come both fullscreen and widescreen resolutions!


Apple’s latest iOS 16 update adds unique customization features to the planet wallpapers that come pre-loaded on your iPhone – such as Earth, Moon, and Solar System wallpapers – including Earth, Moon and Solar System wallpapers that display real-time locations across the globe. These wallpapers can serve as lock screen or home screen backgrounds and show where your current location lies on Earth; making this feature especially helpful if traveling or needing to know where exactly they are right now on our planet Earth.

If you want to change the Earth planet wallpaper on your iPhone, start by tapping “Wallpaper” in the Settings app and browsing through all available wallpaper options. Selecting “Earth Detail” as your wallpaper from here; otherwise if you prefer separate customization of both screens then select the “Set as Wallpaper Pair” feature from its pop-up menu if that suits.

iOS’ latest updates add dynamic planet wallpapers that bring galactic flair to your phone, including Earth, Moon and Solar System wallpapers as well as Planets in Space option as backgrounds.

Create your own planet wallpaper using photo editing apps such as Picsart. Simply upload a picture that catches your eye, use Picsart’s tools to convert it to marbled planet form, find planet stickers in their sticker collection, then press “Swirl CW” on the bottom toolbar for some swirly effects!

By following this technique, you can easily craft a custom planet wallpaper that reflects your unique aesthetic and persona. Not only is this an easy and fun way to decorate your phone screen; you may even make friends and family jealous with such creative genius!


Wallpapers of the Week this week take on an outer space motif with images taken from NASA’s Mars 2020 mission. This selection offers views of Mars from all sides, such as its craters and canyons forming Valles Marineris; Ascraeus Mons and Pavonis Mons’ troughs; Olympus Mons circular spots on its surface; plus one more from AR72014 who designed multiple other Mars-related wallpapers as part of this set.

Apple iOS 11 and later come equipped with an innovative planets wallpaper feature to show our solar system from where you are on Earth. Specifically, this wallpaper option provides Earth, Earth Detail (zoomed-in view of your location), Moon and Moon Detail images while Solar System shows where each planet orbits around our Sun.

To set the wallpaper on your iPhone, unlock and select Wallpapers in the bottom menu before tapping Astronomy. From here, swipe left and right to preview different astronomical wallpapers (Earth, Earth Detail, Moon Detail and Solar System) before making your selection and tapping Done. To add this background across both Lock screen and Home screen at once use “Set as Wallpaper Pair”, otherwise select Customize Home Screen to pick specific wallpapers instead.


As opposed to our other dynamic wallpapers, this one depicts not a photograph taken on Mars but instead is of Earth shortly after local sunset. Canyons from Valles Marineris can be seen near dark areas; volcanoes from Acraeus Mons, Pavonis Mons and Olympus Mons can be found along circular formations. Finally, Sunlight shines clearly to the right side of the horizon line.

iOS 17 now gives iPhone XS or later owners the option of adding a solar system wallpaper featuring Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune as wallpaper options. To set it as your wallpaper, unlock your iPhone using Face ID or Touch ID, tap the blue + button on the Lock Screen, or swipe left all the way across and tap Wallpapers. Tap Astronomy from the menu, then swipe left or right to access various astronomical views (Earth, Earth Detail, Moon and Solar System are also options). When you have found one that appeals to you, select Done and set as Wallpaper Pair in the pop-up; alternatively you could customize Home Screen instead for one or both screens.

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