Spacecraft VST VST AU & MIDI / MPE Support

spacecraft vst

Delta-V Audio’s popular iOS granular synth, now available as desktop VSTs for both Mac OS X and Windows with MPE support and an innovative grain pitch sequencer, provides expressive pads and singing melodies.

Propagator settings display four fields that influence propagation: StepSize, CentralBody, EpochFormat and StartEpoch. In particular, StartEpoch allows spacecraft ephemeris files to be loaded by typing FromSpacecraft in its field.

Grass Synthesizer

Spacecraft’s Grass Synthesizer transforms any sample into a playable instrument through granular synthesis. This technique divides samples into grainy blocks of sound that can easily be managed with its intuitive user interface.

Create textures, soundscapes and arpeggiated rhythms easily from everyday sounds such as your voice or ambient noise. Utilize high quality audio samples already included (supported by iCloud, Dropbox and Audioshare) or upload your own (and explore new musical opportunities!).

Spacecraft includes a granular synth engine with two performance windows for dual-channel manipulation of grain clouds with independent controls for frequency/length, LFO freq/distance, stereo delay time and pitch/ring modulation. 16 note polyphony provides expressive pads and melodies using per-note pressure control, pitch bend modulation and grain position modulation.

Delta-V Audio created Spacecraft through their expertise as both a plugin developer and senior Guidance, Navigation and Control systems engineer on real life interplanetary space science missions. Their experience gives them a unique perspective when it comes to software development; both in terms of navigating its complex mathematical underpinnings as well as crossing over between music DSP development and control system engineering.

MIDI / MPE Instrument

Delta-V Audio’s immensely popular iOS app SpaceCraft Granular Synthesizer now brings instant gratification while stimulating creative flow to desktop computer users. Featuring two granular engines with grain frequency/length control, sample-position LFO, stereo reverb/filter, pitch sequencers and MIDI/MPE functionality for added depth of performance and expression, SpaceCraft Granular Synthesizer offers instantaneous musical satisfaction and expression.

Falcon was designed with composers, sound designers and musicians in mind who are dedicated to synthesizing sounds, offering them access to cutting-edge oscillators, effects and modulators as well as a visual and workflow-adaptive interface that will revolutionize how you approach synthesizing music.

Equator2 takes ROLI’s revolutionary MPE synthesizer one step further. You can create and sculpt any sound imaginable using its vast selection of contemporary synthesis techniques, effects, modulators and presets – creating infinite variations on any musical note!

Audio Recorder

Record directly into this plugin to turn everyday sounds such as your voice or ambient noise into unique instruments. Furthermore, its high quality built-in sample library lets you try out various effects and techniques without needing additional external software.

The interface is designed to be highly user-friendly with intuitive readouts of every parameter for easier exploration and experimentation. Furthermore, MPE and MIDI support opens up new creative avenues allowing sound designers to tailor their performance setup according to individual note expression.

Since its initial release last year, the desktop version has been continuously improved. Now available at $99 (R1500), this latest edition offers various new features like drag-and-dropping samples to longer sample duration and eight times more grains! Check it out here!


The FX Collection is an essential collection of effects plugins for musicians, producers and artists looking to express themselves creatively with their production. From legendary recording gear modeled with impeccable accuracy to rare guitar pedals and modern mix enhancers – these premium plug-ins will elevate any sound.

Spacecraft is a granular synth designed for finger play in iOS ecosystem and brought to desktop (Mac and Windows VST, AU). It offers fun and creative application of granular synthesis that is great for those new to its concept.

MeldaProduction’s own granular resynthesizer, MGranularMB is an impressive sampler designed to break apart sounds into smaller chunks to form something new. Boasting dual user interface, up to eight multi-breakpoint envelopes per sampler module, comprehensive randomization, morph plotting system and two insert FX, it is capable of creating lush soundscapes while offering up expressive pads or singing melodies using LFO modulation for grain position manipulation – ideal for creating lush soundscapes! MGranularMB also includes two insert FX; each sampler module features up to eight multi-breakpoint envelopes per module as well as comprehensive randomization – perfect for creating lush soundscapes!

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