The Sea Horse Life Cycle

Sea horses are unique among marine fish species in that males can become pregnant during mating. A female deposits her eggs into his brood pouch and is fertilized. He uses his frontal pouch to regulate conditions within, providing nutrients to embryos forming within it for up to six weeks before using muscular contractions to expulse […]

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What Does a Sea Turtle Eat?

Sea turtles must dive to considerable depths in search of food, yet their bodies are designed so as not to trap harmful gases during descent. Diets of turtle species vary significantly. Hawksbills live in coral reef environments and are carnivorous eaters of sponges; green turtle hatchlings consume both sea grasses and algae for sustenance. Leatherbacks

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What Does Sea Turtle Eat?

Each sea turtle species has a specific diet depending on its habitat and available food sources, with different-shaped jaws to efficiently consume their favorite dishes. Green sea turtles feature finely serrated beaks to scrape algae off rocks and feed on seagrasses; hatchlings of these turtles are omnivorous. Hawksbills feature bird-like beaks for accessing cracks in

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