Zombies Chronicles – Moon Easter Egg

the moon easter egg

Zombies Chronicles’ Moon map offers multiple Easter Eggs for players to uncover, including one called Space Dog that rewards players with an adorable space dog figure!

The Space Dog is an iconic figure from Black Ops 1 that was brought back into being by Moon. To obtain one of these, complete several steps.

The Black Egg

Moon Knight costume designer Meghan Kasperlik recently spoke with Digital Spy about a hidden Easter egg in Episode 6. Fans who were able to watch all six minutes will notice Arthur Harrow has blood on his sandals – not your typical video game or Hollywood blockbuster Easter egg but an excellent example of how Moon Knight’s twists and turns lead to unexpected references and callbacks to earlier episodes.

Moon Knight’s mental hospital setting allowed for numerous callbacks to previous MCU stories, such as when Marc Spector became trapped inside his own mental institution at the start. Although these references might have seemed minor at times, their designer put careful thought and consideration into how this material could tie into the show.

One such Easter egg featured Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow – one of the mainstays in Marvel Cinematic Universe who was killed off during Episode 6. However, there’s still the possibility for Harrow to return in future installments of Marvel films and series.

Harrow’s crocodile callback was actually part of his first personality, Ammit, one of Marc Spector’s predecessors. Therefore, it was important that Arthur’s appearance in the MCU be connected to his past.

To locate the Black Egg, players should excavate Tunnel 6. After breaching tunnels and killing zombies for several rounds, an egg will appear near M16 wallbuy. In order to move this object around, knifed/shot weapons may need to be used on it; otherwise it may rebound back and forth multiple times before becoming stuck between walls or ceilings.

After entering Tunnel 6, follow the egg until it reaches an area above two barrels near MPL Wallbuy and waits there until someone exits it and uses Wave gun (combined zap gun). At that point, use Wave gun to dislodge it from its perch on a spatial base dish.

The Vril Generator

Vril, also known as the “Black Sun”, was first described by Lord Edward Bulwer-Lytton in his science fiction novel The Coming Race published in 1871. This mysterious energy is believed to be both a primary source of energy on Earth as well as the source of all other forces present on this planet.

According to popular belief, electromagnetic energy exists within all living things and the minds of humans alike. Its intensity varies based on where its emissions occur in the environment and can even be channeled using techniques like meditation and prayer.

Many cultures and civilizations throughout history have utilized Vril energy for different reasons, including Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Large structures were often constructed near areas containing Vril vortices such as Stonehenge in England or Teotihuacan in Mexico – both examples being examples of such cultures that utilized Vril energy effectively.

Franz Anton Mesmer made the first known use of Vril energy during the 17th century when he created an accumulator for Vril force and applied it for healing and rejuvenation. Vril energy is believed to be an accumulator that stores it so it can be utilized later to spread around its life force, with certain points on human skin receiving stimulation from it, leading to increased radiance.

However, most people remain unaware of this phenomenon or don’t understand how to harness its power. If anyone wishes to gain more knowledge on using Vril power effectively they can visit a Vril Society which will teach them more about its origin and effects.

They will learn how to harness this energy and channel it to form their own supermen if desired. The German secret society established in 1919 believes that anyone able to harness the Vril force can become master of themselves, their environment and even of humanity itself.

According to this society, Vril was the energy used by Aldebarans to develop their advanced civilization. With it they were able to travel through space, build large buildings, and even construct spacecraft. Teleportation was possible; additionally they learned how to make their vehicles fly at warp speeds.

The Focusing Stone

As soon as you complete the Shangri-La – Time Travel Will Tell main quest, you will receive a focusing stone as a reward and be awarded with the achievement/trophy “Time Travel Will Tell”, which grants all eight permanent perks until the game comes to a close.

The Shangri-La map and Moon contain the Focusing Stone, part of the main Shangri-La – Time Travel Will Tell Easter Egg. This meteorite contains Element 115 which gives its name.

This crystal is an invaluable aid for meditation and helps focus your thoughts onto one specific thing while dispelling distractions that may otherwise cause you to lose focus.

Though this stone can be beneficial at any time, it is especially effective when working towards personal goals that require concentration. It will keep your attention focused on what matters and boost confidence so that completing tasks won’t become overwhelming.

Water can help you be more aware of what is going on around you so that you can make wiser decisions. Furthermore, it has been known to absorb negative energy, providing peace and tranquility.

Black tourmaline is an ideal crystal to help students concentrate during studies or other activities that require intense mental focus, like exams or other activities that need heightened mental concentration. This stone can protect your thoughts from outside influence while you strive toward your goals!

Smoky quartz is another popular crystal for improving concentration. Known for attracting positive energy while dispelling negative vibrations from your body, smoky quartz makes an excellent tool to clear your mind and gain clarity on your goals! It makes an ideal meditation stone and should never be underestimated as an aid for concentration!

The Gersch Device

The Gersch Device can be found in Ascension and Moon zombie maps, making for an incredibly effective weapon to deal with hordes of zombies quickly while providing players with a short respite from combat and potentially helping revive fallen teammates.

There are three of these devices in the mystery box and you can locate them both on Ascension and Moon. Once found, throw one at an army of zombies to create an irresistibly attractive singularity that draws them in and kills them instantly – this device can quickly wipe out most of them on either map and rewards players 50 points per zombie destroyed!

Gersh Device’s black hole can help you teleport to an anonymous location and help escape zombies quickly, providing a good opportunity to find safety. This strategy may prove especially helpful if there’s lots of gunfire coming your way; giving you more chances at dodging zombie attacks.

For this Easter Egg to unlock successfully, it requires at least two people and at least one must have completed both Co-Op Call of the Dead and Shangri-La achievements. Furthermore, all players in your lobby should complete at least the first half of Easter Eggs.

As soon as you arrive back in No Man’s Land, hack the Pack-a-Punch machine in order to close Area 51 gates and prevent Nova Six zombies from attacking again – giving yourself enough time to upgrade weapons before their retaliatory assault begins.

Once this task is completed, teleport back to Area 51 and view the shelf off to one side of the teleporter pad; on it are some steel plates you need to knock down with grenades before throwing a Gersch Device at them; these will teleport back onto the pad, whereupon all four plates will respawn and you must repeat the process until all four plates have reappeared.

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