Spacecraft Fifth Wheel For Sale

Space Craft Manufacturing of west-central Missouri creates custom trailers tailored specifically for weight and price constraints – almost anything is possible according to their website!

Marsha and Wyatt Trautman originally focused their expertise in building large trailers for performing artists and circuses, but now cater to a wider clientele including retirees, those traveling on business trips, as well as those seeking luxury accommodations.


SpaceCraft Manufacturing crafts massive fifth wheels designed for comfort and excess. The family-run company began as a camper manufacturer for traveling performers; but soon discovered that more people wanted a luxurious travel experience as well.

Every trailer built at this West-central Missouri factory is custom designed to the buyer. A team at the factory meets with buyers to discuss design options and determine their ideal home on wheels – whether that be an onboard office for conducting business on the go, a front kitchen, or even an 8-foot-long steam shower!

RVs crafted by these entrepreneurs boast features like fiberglass ceilings and roofs, fully ducted HVAC systems, pass-through storage garages with cedar lined closets and wardrobe drawers, painted walls and custom hardwood cabinetry – as well as various power options such as Volta 58V charge supplies for running appliances and entertainment systems while being towed. Although semis are preferred as towing vehicles for these RVs, one-ton dually trucks may also be suitable.


Spacecraft RV buyers have the ability to customize every aspect of their trailer purchase from number of bedrooms and length (up to 57 feet), cabinetry wood (birch, maple, cherry and walnut are available), and stain colors before making their commitment. Spacecraft offers samples to customers located far away so they can see what their new home-on-wheels will look like before committing fully.

SpaceCraft’s design team works closely with RV buyers from start to finish, creating the floorplan of their dreams and meeting any special requirements they might have. If necessary, they’ll even add extra slide-outs and stairs or create an entirely new exterior design scheme for them.

SpaceCraft RV stands out in this industry by paying meticulous attention to every component that makes up its RVs, which is rarely done. This level of attention may be in part owed to its limited production rate: only 10-15 RVs are produced each year by SpaceCraft; these units tend to pass down among families or be pre-sold directly, taking about one full year before coming onto the market and becoming available for purchase.


As one might imagine, purchasing a 57-foot fifth wheel doesn’t come cheap. Space Craft Manufacturing of west-central Missouri typically produces 10-15 units annually; to secure their spot on their list for production buyers must submit their name a full year in advance. Before offering layout options to prospective customers, Space Craft staff carefully assess each potential customer to design one specifically tailored to them and their travel lifestyle needs.

Marsha Trautman and Wyatt Trautman, two designers at Space Craft RVs, place great importance on providing easy access to essential components, like electrical wiring. Furthermore, they collaborate closely with clients when selecting appliances, furniture and other features unique to them – which helps retain value over time despite their higher initial purchase cost. Although used RVs might exist – most are passed between families or sold privately – finding one is unlikely.


As the most expensive fifth wheel available on the market, SpaceCraft fifth wheels boast top-of-the-line materials and construction. Their fully customizable designs also put an emphasis on easy access to components as well as leakproof construction compared with many other full time RVs.

Marsha and Wyatt Trautman founded their company with a mission of designing durable campers for traveling performers and local fairgrounds. Understanding that such outfits put strain on trailers, they prioritize durability in all designs to maximize longevity.

Once a customer has a clear vision of their desired Space Craft, the building process can begin. Cabinet drawings and basic layout plans are provided along with feedback collected. A quote and deposit are then presented, before building begins on your new rig to meet customer specifications – creating something that feels more like home than ever on wheels while eliminating the need for heavy duty vehicles.

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