Spacecraft RV Fifth Wheels

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Space Craft Manufacturing of west central Missouri stands out when it comes to customized home-on-wheels. Their flexible approach enables them to craft trailers that meet the needs of road rambling retirees as well as carnival and circus performers alike.

Space Craft RVs differ from mass-produced RVs by offering customized features, including fully ducted, fiberglass ceilings that offer durability and ease of maintenance. However, such high levels of customization come at a premium.

What is a Spacecraft?

Spacecraft are vehicles capable of carrying people beyond Earth’s atmosphere into other planetary bodies, space stations or orbits and back again. Because the cost associated with sending people into space can be enormous, most spacecraft are sponsored by governments and their agencies for this purpose. People who enter space are known as astronauts (American) or cosmonauts (Russians).

Space can be an extremely hostile environment for spacecraft components. They must withstand extreme temperature variations ranging from dips into freezing vacuum of outer space and sudden surges of heat during reentry to resist radiation bombardment from beyond our Solar System – something which poses potential health risks to human astronauts.

Spacecraft may either be recoverable or expendable, though more and more are veering toward expendability. There are two primary types of spacecraft: non-winged capsules and winged spaceplanes. Both may feature aeroshells to protect their crew during atmospheric entry or parachute descent for slow descent. Spacecraft are powered either by rocket engines or electric motors (in some manned cases); their payload may include experiments capsules, research satellites or both.

Fifth Wheels

A fifth wheel trailer is an ideal solution for families, as it provides ample living space while remaining more manageable to tow than full-blown RV homes. Many manufacturers offer various floor plans; some even place the living area at the front of their trailer, providing taller ceilings and giving kids some sense of privacy from main part of living space.

One of the greatest aspects of fifth wheels is their versatility: from camping trips and road trips with family to exploring cities one at a time, fifth wheels offer it all. But before making your purchase, be mindful that some considerations must be made before selecting your fifth wheel; such as having a truck with sufficient towing capacity that matches its weight as well as amenities.

Another consideration should be your expected frequency of usage. If weekend camping trips are planned, a smaller and lighter fifth wheel might do just fine; but for extended vacations you may require something with more amenities that can meet all of your needs for years.

Travel Trailers

Spacecraft fifth wheels boast impressive living spaces, innovative technology and exceptional durability; but more affordable RVers may consider purchasing travel trailers by this same manufacturer instead.

Spacecraft travel trailers can be customized to meet each customer’s exact specifications, offering them nearly limitless choices. Customers can select up to three bedrooms (maximum), overall length and number of slides as well as whether or not they require full kitchen facilities, multiple TVs or an office area.

Space Craft distinguishes themselves from their competition by tailoring each trailer they produce to the customer’s unique taste and lifestyle, thus setting themselves apart from mass-produced models while increasing quality, function and comfort.

Spacecraft travel trailers require a one-ton vehicle for towing due to their custom-welded chassis, one-piece aluminum side walls and molded fiberglass ceiling and roof construction. Furthermore, these trailers contain residential plumbing as well as dual pane windows, tile floors and hardwood cabinets for additional residential convenience. As such, these units tend to weigh more than other trailers and may exceed some SUV payload limits; buyers should carefully evaluate their towing abilities prior to making a purchase decision.

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