Spacecraft Clipart

Spacecraft clipart provides images for various projects. Use these PNG, EPS and AI vector files for printing or as transparent backgrounds in design projects.

White rocket icon designed in flat design style. Easy to edit, manipulate, resize or colorize.


TV and movie shows and movies show people fighting in zero gravity, battling giant mechs, and piloting spaceships zipping around the universe. We might one day use nuclear fusion reactions or beams of antimatter to build interstellar spaceships that don’t take years to traverse thousands of light years between solar systems.

Spacecraft must operate in the harsh environment of outer space, which includes vacuum conditions, microgravity effects, extreme variations in temperature fluctuations and powerful radiation sources. Space probes that orbit planets either with or without crew are known as “space probes”, while those designed for interstellar travel are known as starships.

Pngtree boasts a vast library of free spaceship clipart images with transparent backgrounds in various formats. To explore and download them directly in PNG or vector formats by clicking on icons at the top of each image. Our graphic resources are ideal for commercial as well as personal use!


A rocket is an aerospace vehicle that uses thrust to travel through space. It does this through burning propellant fired out the back. This causes controlled explosions which produce hot gases which push against its weight and gravity to propel itself forward.

As rockets fly through airless space, they require on-board oxygen for combustion reactions that generate thrust. When mixed with fuel, oxygen helps drive combustion reactions and propel thrust.

Rockets are used to reach distant places that don’t have much air or gravity, such as the Moon. Rockets also help satellites stay in orbit.

An engine in a rocket is so powerful it can overcome gravity and propel its vehicle across space. Additionally, its acceleration allows it to make vertical ascents similar to when being launched into space; just as aircraft wings provide lift through airfoils or wings create lift by lifting themselves, rocket engines create thrust by defying gravity.


Stars are celestial bodies that emit visible light as well as other types of electromagnetic radiation, typically visible in the night sky and classified according to color, temperature, size, brightness. Star clipart can be used for many different applications including posters, greeting cards, prints and more.

Vector technology ship rocket cartoon design for startup innovation product and cosmos fantasy space launch graphic exploration. Flat line rocket web icon, concept start up symbol, isolated on white. Counting space ship clip art that counts both color and black-and-white versions are perfect for use with classroom materials, handouts, flashcards, posters and projects! This set contains 17 images in both png and jpg formats @ 300dpi resolution for easy usage!


The Moon is our solar system’s fifth-largest natural satellite and an important satellite of our own solar system. Like Earth, but significantly smaller. Astronomers believe the Moon was formed when an earlier collision with another large celestial body produced fragments from which it eventually separated to become its own body.

No wonder that the Moon is such an inspiring topic! Use these breathtaking Moon clipart illustrations in classroom projects and activities to spark students’ minds – they make great posters, worksheets and more!

This Moon clip art set contains images of various moon phases in color and black-and-white line art styles, along with an illustrated cycle of Moon phases image. PNG format allows for transparent backgrounds allowing easy customization of size and placement for unique designs; additional Space resources may be purchased alongside this set of clip art.

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