5 Cool Facts About China

China is one of the world’s most captivating and beguiling nations, from its ancient history and magnificent sites to its breathtaking culture – it offers so much for adventurers to discover in this incredible land. Here are 20 amazing facts about China that may surprise you! From being the world’s most populous nation to making […]

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Cool China Facts

China is an amazing land to explore with its vast landscape, long history, and vibrant traditions – there’s so much to take in that it may be hard to keep up! But China provides plenty of wonders for anyone willing to venture forth! With so much on the horizon it can be hard to keep

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Tiger Cool Facts That Will Make You Want to Protect These Amazing Creatures

Tigers are fascinating creatures with many fascinating facts that will inspire you to protect them. Did you know, for instance, that their cubs are born blind and must rely on their mother’s scent in order to survive? Bears feature fake eyes designed to frighten off other animals. Furthermore, even one strike from their paws could

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Cool Facts About Argentina

Argentina is well known as an extremely tolerant nation, home to an array of religious faiths from Catholicism to Judaism and beyond. Argentina was one of the richest nations on Earth during the early 20th Century due to immigration from Europe that provided much-needed labor. 1. Argentina is the world’s southernmost country Argentina offers visitors

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Cool Facts About Russia

Russia is an enormous nation filled with fascinating facts that may surprise you, from its cold climate to its world-famous vodka production, there are so many fascinating aspects of life in Russia that will catch your attention. Mikhail Gorbachev introduced liberal policies such as glasnost and perestroika during his administration, leading ultimately to the dissolution

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Zebra Cool Facts

Zebras are one of the most majestic and breathtaking animals found in Africa. People have long been mesmerised by these gorgeous animals with stripes that continue to perplex minds! Researchers have recently discovered that the stripes on zebras can actually help confuse predators when running, by creating a motion dazzle effect and disorienting their vision!

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Cool Facts About Hurricanes

As hurricane season begins and we prepare for yet another potentially devastating storm, it would be wise to educate ourselves on some interesting facts about hurricanes. From their deceptively calm cores to their massive size, these natural wonders offer us plenty of information and entertainment. These interesting hurricane facts will keep the water cooler conversations

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