What Happens When Mercury Goes Retrograde?

Today’s fast-paced world relies on email, conference calls and shipping labels – we rely heavily on them! Astrologers believe that when Mercury retrogrades it leads to chaos.

However, scientists contend that Mercury is simply an optical illusion, and there’s no basis to believe this astrological event has any influence over our behavior here on Earth.

What is a retrograde?

Mercury, which governs communication, travel and technology, goes through an apparent retrograde motion three to four times each year. According to some astrology enthusiasts, this may cause computer crashes, misinterpreted texts as well as relationship drama and lost luggage – yet what does this really mean and how can it help us all?

Though astrologists don’t see Mercury retrograde as being responsible for complete chaos and devastation, it can make communication more challenging during this period. Technology, in particular computers, mobile phones, and gadgets may become obstacles during this period governed by Mercury; due to this factor astrology experts advise avoiding major purchases during this time and double checking important documents before sending them off.

Mercury stations retrograde in your house of love and career, prompting you to reevaluate how you prioritize these areas of your life. At the same time, however, this time could bring opportunities to reconnect with old flames or revive lapsed hobbies – potentially helping restore balance to both relationships and work life.

As is true for any time a planet stations retrograde, it’s wise to exercise patience and kindness toward yourself and others during these periods, according to Caves. Use this opportunity to slow down and be intentional with your choices.

As part of your reflections on past successes and future goals, take some time to examine where you have put your energies. Take stock of relationships, work, hobbies and goals – are you dedicating enough energy toward family and faith or overextending in other areas? Now is an opportune moment to assess balance and make any necessary adjustments.

Mercury retrograde periods can be frustrating, but you should remember this is simply one of many planetary cycles that happen throughout the year. All of the faster orbiting planets such as Venus and Mars become retrograde as they approach and pass by Earth, leading ancient astronomers to think the planets were moving backward until Nicolaus Copernicus introduced his heliocentric model and we realized they actually orbit around it circularly instead.

How does it affect me?

Mercury retrograde brings with it all sorts of strange behavior, from unexpected urges to reconnect with an ex to technical glitches and confusion over making plans or decisions. You might feel off-balance and that something doesn’t feel quite right – this may be your body telling you something is off. Now is an opportune time to reassess priorities and make changes for a healthier and happier lifestyle!

If you work in the tech field, it is wise to avoid starting any major projects during Mercury retrograde periods. Computers, high-tech items and even automobiles are especially vulnerable since Mercury rules their moving parts. Mercury retrograde periods may cause delays and frustrations that cause job seekers to reconsider their options altogether; but with patience it’s possible that once Mercury stations direct again, things will move more efficiently and your efforts more successful.

Mercury retrograde affects more than just technology; relationships also tend to suffer during this period, particularly as we bring up past disagreements or arguments that we had. Now is an excellent opportunity to practice forgiveness and let go of negative aspects in your relationships.

Professionally speaking, now is not the ideal time for business owners or managers to sign contracts or launch important marketing campaigns. Furthermore, travel for work should also be avoided due to potential communication delays and travel disruptions.

As Mercury retrograde approaches, the best way to navigate it successfully is to stay at home, avoid signing any major contracts and focus on tasks that don’t require too much brainpower. Also important: taking extra steps before sending anything out. On personal matters, now may be an ideal opportunity to reconnect with family members and improve home life; just make sure not to overdo it as Mercury retrograde may bring up old wounds that need healing.

What is the best way to deal with a retrograde?

Mercury Retrograde can be dangerous to new contracts and major life decisions; instead, double-check emails and travel reservations before setting out or booking that flight, and allow for delays or miscommunication in both business and personal relationships.

Mercury Retrograde can also provide an opportunity to take stock of what matters most in your life: be it family, faith or career – make sure each area receives enough consideration and time.

As the Queen of Order, you have an affinity for organized spaces. So when Mercury Retrograde hits this month in your sign, take this as an opportunity to indulge in some pampering wellness rituals such as crystal sound baths and turmeric oat milk lattes to help ease tensions and find relaxation.

Your emotional side makes you an excellent listener who is adept at reading the emotions of those around them, which can both be an asset and liability during Mercury Retrograde. Have compassion for yourself and those close to you during this period, limit exposure to those who drain energy or cause stress, and choose carefully who you spend time with.

Since outer planets orbit much longer than our own Earth, those nearest it often overlap as they make their journeys around the sun. When one passes another it appears as though it has moved backwards and enters its retrograde phase – thus coinciding with Earth moving toward it and away from other solar bodies.

Aquariuses can expect their annual Mercury Retrograde period from April 21 to May 14. Although it can be challenging, try not to expect too much out of yourself during this period and approach life with humor and playfulness. Take this chance to reconnect with creative energies and express yourself creatively!

What can I do to avoid a retrograde?

Those familiar with popular astrology know that Mercury retrograde can bring miscommunications and explosive drama, as it seems everything goes haywire. Yet despite warnings and forecasts about how bad Mercury retrograde can be, it actually doesn’t have to be.

Make the most of this downtime by taking some time for self-reflection and reviewing your situation. Now is an excellent chance to assess whether what you are doing will provide long-term benefit.

Prior to Mercury turning direct again, it is wise to wait before making any major decisions or undertaking major projects that could cause complications during retrograde periods such as signing contracts, getting haircuts or making formal declarations in relationships. You never know what kind of havoc can ensue when making such decisions during Mercury retrograde; therefore it is better to wait until this planet moves forward again before making such decisions.

Keep in mind that Mercury retrograde can trigger people to be more emotional. Be kind and patient with yourself and others during this period; don’t judge yourself for feeling what you do. Use this opportunity to practice mindfulness and focus on what truly matters in your life.

Expect delays, frustrations and technology mishaps during this time. But this should not be seen as an excuse to abandon your dreams or goals altogether – rather a time to consider what elements will bring happiness and which parts should go.

Mercury retrograde provides an opportunity to assess how your different areas of life, such as career and home life, are balanced. Are you devoting enough energy towards family and faith matters, for instance? Mercury retrograde provides the opportunity to reassess priorities so you can live an easier and more rewarding existence.

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