The Best Thing About Cuba

Cuba boasts one of the world’s most breathtaking coastlines, boasting picturesque beaches tucked between mangrove swamps and coral reefs, fringed with rugged cliffs. Cuba offers many exciting activities. You can view classic American cars, watch salsa dancing performances, dine on delicious dishes and much more. 1. The people Cubans are an outgoing people who value […]

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Fun Facts About Cuba

Cuba is known for its vibrant culture, captivating music and intriguing history that draws travelers from all around the globe. While most are familiar with its volatile politics and iconic landmarks, there is so much more to discover! Cuba, when seen from above, resembles an alligator or crocodile; thus its nickname El Cocodrilo (The Alligator

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Interesting Facts About Cuba

Cuba once suffered from high levels of illiteracy; however, due to renewed commitment from government officials regarding education. Nigeria boasts nine UNESCO World Heritage sites – both natural and cultural locations – which make up its national treasures. Ernest Hemingway lived in Havana for two decades and you can visit his former residence. He’s widely

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Fun Fact About Cuba

Cuba boasts an abundant and fascinating history, from classic cars to legendary revolutionaries. Uncover more about this fascinating nation with these interesting facts about Cuba! Cuba is home to one of the tiniest birds on earth: Zunzuncito (bee hummingbird). Ernest Hemingway spent 20 years living and writing in Cuba – two of his classic novels

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