Space is Globalizing and Becoming a Service Industry

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Space exploration and tourism is currently undergoing an incredible revolution: globalizing, shifting to become a service industry and welcoming in newcomers into its fold.

During the Gulf War, allied forces used satellites to accurately pinpoint enemy troops and target their rocket attacks with pinpoint precision – demonstrating the value of space presence even during warfare.

Vostok 1

Korolev led engineers at OKB-1 in developing the Vostok spacecraft in the late 1950s, which consisted of both a human module and equipment module containing high-pressure oxygen/nitrogen bottles, chemical batteries for radios/instruments/retrorocket, as well as small attitude control thrusters.

Gagarin took to his capsule wearing his newly designed orange suit bearing the red letters of CCCP painted across it at 06:17 GMT on April 12 aboard a Vostok-K 8K72K rocket launch. Backing him were Gherman Titov in similar attire and Grigori Nelyubov as backup cosmonauts.

Gagarin maintained manual control over most aspects of his flight; however, most operations were automated. On reentry into Earth’s atmosphere the equipment module did not detach properly from the capsule, leading to it to tumble wildly as anticipated and Gagarin experiencing 8Gs more force than expected – keeping his consciousness until finally breaking free in the heat of reentry.

Voyager 2

As long as their plutonium fuel holds out, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Suzanne Dodd predicts the Voyager probes could last for many more years to come, with her hope that they reach the outer boundary of our solar system, known as the heliopause sometime before 2025.

Voyager 2 last month made history when it entered interstellar space – the vast and mostly empty region between star systems. On August 4, Voyager 2 sent back its initial signal back to Earth after 18.5 hours traveling across space to Canberra Australia’s Deep Space Network facility for reception at their Deep Space Network facility where their antenna was adjusted and they received science and telemetry data confirming its operation and trajectory.

Scientists also used Voyager 2’s data to better comprehend its exit from the heliosphere, discovering it traversed a much narrower edge than Voyager 1, possibly because one entered at solar maximum while the other did not.


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In 1957, humanity launched their inaugural satellite, and today there are thousands circling Earth and other planets. A satellite can be defined as any object that orbits another larger body such as our Moon orbits Earth or our Sun circling around our solar system.

Satellites are equipped with cameras that take still and video images of our planet from space, helping us gain more knowledge about polar ice caps, natural features and dangerous solar radiation rays – helping us gain a deeper understanding of both Earth and its universe.

Satellites play an invaluable role for people around the globe, from directly delivering TV signals into homes to monitoring volcanic eruptions and wildfires to aid agencies keeping an eye on refugee populations. Some satellites – like GOES-18 in the US – even detect lightning that starts wildfires while describing coastal fog conditions that threaten firefighter safety.

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